by valerie mattingly n.
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  1. By Valerie Mattingly Ballet

  2. Video clip of American and Italy • • • The videos will show Italian dance and US.

  3. American Ballet How does ballet tell a story? This is a picture of the nutcracker ballet. In America ballet describes feeling by the music and emotion the dancer has upon there face. It tells a story by the music or by the costume and the way the dancer is dancing.

  4. Italy Ballet • The beginnings of ballet were in Italy in the 1400s.Catherine de Medici in 1547 became the best dancer in the whole country of Italy. In Italy ballet tells a story by the music and the way the people are moving if they move slow its sad fast its happy. This is a picture of the famous Snowflake play in Italy.

  5. America Vs. Italy • In America we dance with pink velvet dance shoes. We have the puffy tutus and can dance at all ages. With competitive teams and solos. • In Italy the have red green and white dresses and black shoes or different colored dresses. They aren't that competitive with there teams and they don’t have solos they dance as one group.

  6. Similarities with Us and Italy • We travel along the word and have dance offs with countries and Italy does the same. If Us and Italy don’t try hard there is a displace. But we always try hard and so does italy. We both wear our hair up during pratice and competition.

  7. Ballet Started in • Ballet started in Italy between the 1300s-1400s. Then it began to disappear and then it came back in the 1500s and more people have been signing up for dance since then. Dance has improved. New moves have been invented.

  8. Sorces • The History of Ballet. The McGee Foundation and The Katharine B. Tierney Charitable Foundation Web 2/28/12