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  1. Ballet A Photo Essay By: Maddy Glenn

  2. You may think that Ballet is just a class for young girls to have fun.

  3. Take these ballet shoes for example. You may think of them as a tool that is cute, but you girls and boys force there feet inside. Along with that pain for some shows, girls put slivers of wood to make their dance perfect.

  4. Even this move would need work nobody can get something in ballet perfect,ballet takes skill even for a professional.

  5. Like if a ballet teacher were to improve this move she/he would most likely think about stability and balance.

  6. Take pointe for example, it may look fun but actually girls fill up their time with classes because they are so dedicated to it.

  7. In my opinion a bun is a way to quickly put up my hair, but for dancers a bun is a way of making yourself look neater.

  8. The point is that if your committed to a sport you’ll have to work but ballet, really isn’t much different.

  9. Essay Ballet. A sport? Or a hobby for young boys and girls? Well, in a way both. Yes, ballet is a hobby for young kids. But ballet also takes skill, practice and attention. For example, you may think that ballet is just for little girls. But that’s a stereotype. Ballet is for girls and boys to start a career, but girls and boys do it for a hobby too. Ballet is very difficult, believe me it’s fun for some people but it is also a serious matter for others. A real ballerina has said that ballet is very difficult she spends at least four times a week. She has also said that ballet can be as difficult as baseball or football because of things to improve. The Point is that ballet isn’t just for a hobby (it can be however) but ballet is a serious and difficult career that can be as difficult as an athletic sport. Ballet should be taken seriously and if committing to it, you should be careful and neat!