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  2. Direct Instruction: Monday, April 23 Edgar Allan Poe Week: The Raven -the Master of the Macabre- Today we will be reading/listening to one of the most iconic pieces of American poetry—The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. You can find the link to the work in the ‘Links’ section of the ATAMS website. Pre-Lesson Freewrite and Exit Slip: “What are you most afraid of?” - Regardless of how macho you may think you are, everyone (and I mean everyone) is scared of something. It may not be simply weird noises or a certain kind of animal which strikes terror in your heart, but what about growing old? Losing family or friends? Maybe you’re scared to learn what’s really inside chicken nuggets. Now is the time to open up and share with the Direct Instruction group what your fears are. Don’t worry. As you will see, we ALL have our own wacky fears. Classwork: The Raven: Reading Check and interpretation Question packet—Part 1 We will answer these question as a class during Direct Instruction. Friday, April 27 (Class Reading and Questions) The Pit and the Pendulum What perfect timing! A movie based off the works of Edgar Allan Poe opens in theaters across the country today and we just happen to have an assignment focusing on one of Poe’s most suspenseful stories! It’s like I planned this or something. You can access the link to the story from the English 11 website. Be sure to answer the Check for Understanding question at the bottom of the handout! Packet Due Monday, April 30 Collaborative Station: Monday, April 23 Complete the two packets due today! • Transcendentalism Week— Ralph Waldo Emerson 2) Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment— Nathaniel Hawthorne Both packets are found on the ATAMS website. Please download and answer all the questions. They are due Thursday, April 26. Thursday, April 26 Since the material this week is pretty dark and gothic, we will be building vocabulary taken from the literature covered this week. Directions: You and a partner are to write your own horror story using at least ten of the twenty vocabulary words listed below. You do not need to write down any definitions; if you use the words properly and show me you know how to use the word, that will be enough proof to me that you know it. Vocabulary Week 3—Horror Theme -alacrity -intimidate -aspirant -laceration -belligerent -octogenarian -belittle -promulgate - -brash -pugnacious -castigate -scoff -disdain -scurrilous -dregs -solace -feint -sordid -frenzy -tangible The story will act as your Exit Slip! Individual Instruction: Achieve 3000 Wednesday, April 25 You know the drill! Achieve 3000 Vocabulary Words -adroit -earmark -novice Today’s article will perhaps make you feel a bit grateful you live in Southern California—especially when the alternative is Nome, Alaska. Complete all 5 Steps of completeing the article. I will be walking around to monitor your progress. “I’ll be watching you.”