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  1. color coded flow chart on next page

  2. Collaborative Station: Tuesday and Thursday, 3/6 & 3/8 Short Story Tuesday ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ (30 min) Read the Story found on the link below: Today, you will read a story about murder written by the man who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Sounds a bit strange, but Roald Dahl did write this story about a woman who is pushed to her limits. Complete WORKSHEET: Found on Class Website filed under ‘Lamb to Slaughter worksheet’ Thursday 3/8/2012 Guilty or Not Guilty? You’ve read the story about Mrs. Maloney and now you will put a case together to either defend her actions or bring her to justice. You and your legal team will be asked to either defend or prosecute Mary Maloney in the Court of 305. You will use evidence from the story, as well as psychological records and experts, to defend our case. You will present your case to the judge (that’s me) next week on Friday. Direct Instruction: Tuesday -Character Development Packet We will continue creating our characters which will be used throughout the remainder of the school year. Last week, we focused on physical appearance. Now we will develop your character’s background and family. We will take a closer look at some of fiction’s best characters in order to see how their history makes them well-rounded and tangible. (20 points) Vocabulary Power #2 (15 minutes) Thursday -Using Evidence in Writing One of the major issues with writing is the author’s ability to cite sources and use evidence to support their thesis. Since you will be acting as part of a legal team, you’ll need to know how to properly introduce evidence in your essays using proper grammar and punctuation. During lecture, you will see plenty of great examples of this as well as practice a number of techniques on your own. (50 minutes) Individual Instruction: Wednesday (or Friday) *Log onto Achieve3000 • Read the Article for Wednesday, March 21, 2012 • Complete Steps 1-5 • Be sure to respond to the Reading Connections after each paragraph (SUMMARIZE, GENERATE QUESTIONS, and SETTING THE PURPOSE). I WILL be checking to see if you’re keeping on task.