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New Deal

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New Deal

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  1. New Deal

  2. “Only Thing To Fear” -1932 Inauguration Speech “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” -Public Relations -Fireside Chats FDR spoke by radio to America on a regular basis Calmed their fears In 1932, the presidential election showed that Americans were clearly ready for a change.

  3. A Call to Action -Progressive programs Experiment with solutions Relief, Recovery, Reform -Group Effort Eleanor Roosevelt More political first lady Brain Trust Intellectuals who helped FDR develop policies Frances Perkins Secretary of Labor 1st woman to hold cabinet position -1st 100 Days March-June 1933 The Roosevelt administration implemented programs to provide relief to farmers. It also aided other workers and provided for stimulating economic recovery. What do you think the cartoonist means by Roosevelt’s remark concerning New Deal remedies?

  4. Eleanor Roosevelt A niece of Teddy Roosevelt and a distant cousin of Franklin, Eleanor lost her parents at an early age and was raised by a strict grandmother. As First Lady, she often urged the president to take stands on controversial issues. She became known for speaking out against economic and social injustice. In presenting a booklet on human rights to the UN in 1958 she said, “Where after all do human rights begin?... [In] the world of the individual person: the neighborhood…the school…the factory, farm or office where he works.”

  5. First New Deal -designed for relief, recovery, and reform -deficit spending Spending money country does not have -Bank Holiday closed all banks to prevent withdrawals Reopened sound banks-those unable to repay debts stayed closed -FDIC and SEC created The New Deal was the title President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to the series of programs he initiated between 1933 and 1938 with the goal of providing relief, recovery, and reform (3 Rs) to the people and economy of the United States during the Great Depression. Dozens of alphabet agencies (so named because of their acronyms), were created as a result of the New Deal.

  6. Alphabet Soup -FDIC Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation federal insurance for individual bank accounts up to $100,000 -SEC Securities and Exchange Commission regulate stock market -PWA Public Works Administration Money given to states to create construction jobs -CWA Civil Works Administration built schools, roads

  7. Alphabet Soup -SSA Social Security Act > 65 get retirement income -Fair Labor Standards Act Minimum Wage – 40 cents/hr. 44 hr max/week ended child labor -NLRA National Labor Relations Act/ Wagner Act monitor unfair management practices such as firing workers who join unions -WPA Works Progress Administration provided jobs for unskilled workers, built many government buildings

  8. Alphabet Soup -TVA Tennessee Valley Authority flood control hydroelectricity -CCC Civilian Conservation Corp young men age 18-25 Built roads, parks -AAA Agricultural Adjustment Act attempted to raise crop prices by paying farmers not to farm -NIRA National Industrial Recovery Administration set prices to ensure fair competition

  9. Not Enough Help -By 1935 the economy has still not recovered Depression not over yet -there is enough relief to keep people from starving -some people start to demand more action “Eighteen million Americans are so poor of this world’s goods that they are on relief”

  10. New Deal Critics -Father Charles Coughlin heavy taxes on the rich to provide income for all guaranteed annual income -Huey Long “Every man a King” guaranteed income ($2000), home and college for all “Share Our Wealth” Plan Limit income to <$1,000,000 “We owe debts in America today, public and private, amounting to $252 billion. That means that every child is born with a $2000 debt around his neck… We propose that children shall be born in a land of opportunity, guaranteed a home, food, clothes, and other things that make for living, including the right to education.”-- Huey Long

  11. Court Packing -Several New Deal programs ruled unconstitutional AAA, NRA -Roosevelt proposed adding new justices -seen as a threat to checks and balances

  12. By the mid 1930s conservative opposition to the New Deal had received a boost from the Supreme Court. The NIRA was declared unconstitutional because it gave legislative powers to the executive branch. The next year the court struck down the AAA on the grounds that agriculture is a local matter to be regulated by the states. Roosevelt was dismayed by these rulings. Fearing further court decisions that might dismantle the New Deal, he proposed that Congress enact a court-reform bill that would reorganize the federal judiciary and allow him to appoint six new Supreme Court justices. This was quickly labeled the “court packing” bill and it received a storm of protest in Congress and in the press. Many people believed the president violated principles of judicial independence and the separation of powers and this damaged his public image. However unforeseen circumstances would eventually lead to support for the New Deal in the court and President Roosevelt would appoint seven new justices over four years.

  13. African Americans -Mary McLeod Bethune friend of Eleanor Roosevelt established “Black Cabinet” Advised President on education -Concert of Marian Anderson at the Lincoln Memorial -Roosevelt never fully committed to civil rights -African Americans came to support the Democratic Party When the Daughters of the American Revolution chose not to allow Anderson to perform in their concert hall Eleanor Roosevelt arranged for her to perform at the Lincoln Memorial

  14. End of the New Deal -”I see 1/3 of a nation ill -housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished”-FDR 1937 -by 1937, some recovery so gov’t pulls back programs and depression returns -opposition grows to continued gov’t control-not solving the depression -international affairs begin to take precedence -New deal has great legacy WWII Ends the Great Depression What is this political cartoon saying about the New Deal and its affect on America?