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The New Deal PowerPoint Presentation
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The New Deal

The New Deal

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The New Deal

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  1. The New Deal The New Deal The United States during the 1930s. Debbie Donnelly, Kirkland H.S. and Jim Birney, Fife Education

  2. The Background – early 1930s During President Hoover’s government the Depression was in full swing. Unemployment was at 13 million, industries were closed, farms repossessed and the Dust Bowl was disastrous, banks shut down and the stock market had major difficulties. People couldn’t find work anywhere so the government had to act. People searched the newspapers for job adverts.

  3. The Background2 Hoover lost the 1933 presidential election and was succeeded by

  4. The Background 3 A man who was to become one of the most successful and well liked presidents of all time Find out more about him.

  5. The Background Roosevelt soon came to the conclusion that a massive change in the American way of life was needed to tackle the problems. What was needed was a “The nation asks for action and action now.” New Deal “Our greatest primary task is to put people to work.”

  6. A “New Deal” for America A Nation on the road to recovery… “I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American People.” -FDR 1932 Created by Stacy Van Zummeren 2005

  7. Destitute Alphabet Agencies Industry The New Deal Farming Stock Market Banking Find out more - Internet.


  9. F E R A Emergency Relief Administration Federal

  10. Provided people with the things they needed to survive… food clothing money

  11. CCC Civilian Conservation Corps Took needy young men off the streets and put them to work in forests and national parks -carved out roads and hiking trails -cleaned up beaches -cleared camping areas Many of these are still in use today - look for the CCC signs!

  12. CCC was also responsible for helping to end the horrible conditions of the Dust Bowl by planting over 2 million trees in a wide belt from Texas up to the Dakotas. These trees helped keep the topsoil in place.

  13. WPA Works Progress Administration Provided jobs for 2 million workers

  14. Slum clearance Construction of school and hospital buildings Flood control Rural electrification

  15. Federal Art Project photographers writers painters performers sculptors

  16. TVA Tennessee Valley Authority Created in 1933 to ease economic hardship in the Tennessee River Valley (Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia) • Taught better farming methods • Replanted trees • Built dams

  17. AAA Agricultural Adjustment Association

  18. NRA National Recovery Act

  19. HOLC Home Owners Loan Corporation

  20. Did it all work? What happened next?

  21. Resources Turck, Mary C. The Dirty Thirties. Logan: Perfection Learning Corporation, 2002. “New Deal.” World Book Encyclopedia. 14th volume. 1976. Conspiracy/flag-us-3.jpg es/tn/es_tn_tva_1_e.html 66Oklahoma/route66OK.htm