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The Modern World

The Modern World

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The Modern World

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  1. The Modern World

  2. Globalization Acronyms • World Trade Organization (WTO): an international organization created to supervise international trade and support free trade • The European Union: an economic and political union of 27 member countries in Europe dedicated to regional integration

  3. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries: An organization that works to protect the interests of member countries that produce oil • Example: controlling oil prices to make more $$$

  4. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): eliminated tariffs and trade restrictions between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico • the International Monetary Fund (IMF): an organization that offers emergency loans to countries in financial crisis • United Nations (UN): an international organization dedicated to keeping the peace and preventing human rights violations

  5. the World Bank:an organization that offers loans to developing countries for large government projects • NATO: A mutual defense organization created to protect member states from aggression

  6. Developed vs. Developing Nations • A developed nation is a: nation with the industrialization, transportation, and business facilities for the advanced production of manufactured goods • A developing nation is a: nation that is in the process of becoming industrialized

  7. By the end of this century knowledge workers [people whose jobs focus on working with information] will amount to a third or more of the work force in the United States. …The majority of knowledge workers will be paid at least as well as blue-collar workers ever were, or better. And the new jobs offer much greater opportunities…The new jobs…require a habit of continuous learning. PETER DRUCKER, Managing a Time of Great change

  8. Economic development and rapid population growth have an impact on the environment and society in today’s world. • The economic development and population explosion affects the Environment through: • Increased pollution • Loss of animal habitats • Global climate change (global warming!) • The rapid growth of the population affects Society by increasing: • Poverty • Poor health • Illiteracy • Famine • Migration(the movement of people from one place to another

  9. A stable economy contributes to a stable democracy, and political freedom helps to increase economic development. • How? • Free market economies produce rising standards of living and an expanding middle class, which produces growing demands for political freedoms and individual rights. • Examples: Taiwan and South Korea. • BUT—Every nation, no matter if they’re developed or developing, depends on each other for their raw materials, markets, and financial resources (banks and loans)—this forms a GLOBAL ECONOMY

  10. Economic Interdependence between Countries • Fast transportation, communication, and computer networks help keep people in different countries connected. • Multinational corporations (companies that operate in many different countries) have helped by building factories in many different locations. They see the whole world as a market for their goods. • because of this, in the global economy its as if national boundaries do not exist

  11. Challenges faced by both developed and developing nations because of their differences: • Migrations of refugees (people seeking safety from war or persecution in another nation) and others • Refugees can be an issue in international conflicts • Migrations of “guest workers” to European cities • Ethnic and religious conflicts today are found in: • The Middle East, Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the Horn of Africa, and South Asia

  12. Impact of new technologies • Widespread but unequal access to computers and instantaneous communications leads to unrest • Genetic engineering and bioethics make people question the right or wrong of science • Example: Cloning—right or wrong? • Genetic engineering – introduce new genes into an organism to give it new traits • Cloning – creation of identical copies of DNA.

  13. Terrorism • Some people deal with the inequality through use of violence • Terrorism:the use of violence and threats to intimidate and coerce for political reasons • Major causes: political extremism, religious extremism

  14. Foreign and Domestic • Examples: • Munich Olympics • Terrorist attacks in the United States (9/11/2001) • motivated by extremism on the part of Al-Qaeda and its leader, Osama bin Laden. • Car bombings • Suicide bombers • Airline hijackers

  15. Munich & Atlanta Olympics • Munich • 1972 Summer Olympics • Palestinian group captured 11 members of the Israeli Olympic Team – held hostage and eventually killed • Atlanta • July 27, 1996 • Bombs went off • 2 died, 110 injured

  16. September 11, 2001 • Four planes hijacked • Two hit the Twin Towers in New York • Both towers collapse • One hit the Pentagon • One crashed in Pennsylvania • Worst and deadliest attack on American soil

  17. Boston Marathon Attacks • 4/15/13 • Two bombs exploded within 12 seconds of each other near the finish line • 3 died, 180 injured

  18. WACO • Began Feb 28, 1993 • ATF went to search compound occupied by the Branch Davidians • Gun battle erupts • Standoff for 50 days • Siege ends on April 19, 1993 • 76 people died OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING • April 19, 1995 • Domestic terrorism • Timothy McVeigh • Angry about Federal government’s handling of WACO • Federal Building (Murrah) blown up • 168 died, 680 injured

  19. Acts of Violence • Columbine (4/20/99) • Two students entered high school with guns and killed 12 • Both committed suicide • Worst school shooting in the USA (now 2nd) • VA Tech Shooting (4/16/07) • Lone gunman killed 32 • Worst school shooting in the USA • Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting (12/14/12) • Lone gunman enters school and killed 26 • DMV Sniper (October 2002) • Two gunmen terrorized area by killing 10 and critically injuring 3 • Aurora Theater Shooting (7/20/12) • Lone gunmen enters theater and killed 12 and injured 58 • Trial ongoing • Sikh Temple Shooting (8/5/12) • Lone gunmen enters temple and killed 6 and wounded 4 more

  20. Government Response to Terrorism • Surveillance increased and privacy rights decreased • Security at ports and airports increased • Identification badges and photos required • Patriot Act is a law that was passed by Congress in 2002 and signed by George W. Bush. This allowed law enforcement great freedom in researching suspected terrorist (foreign or domestic)