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  2. DO YOU HAVE FINANCIAL DREAMS? Do you Apply Money value to your dreams ? Home - Rs.50,00,000 Education-Rs.20,00,000 Marriage- Rs.20,00,000 Jewellery- Rs.10,00,000 Car- Rs.10,00,000 Vacations- Rs.10,00,000 Total-Rs.1.20 crore From age 25 -45 yrs 240months 1.20crores/240=50,000Rs/month Can you save 50,000Rs/month to realize your dreams with in next 20years? QUIZINDIA.CO.IN

  3. FUTURE VALUE OF YOUR DREAMS Future value of your dreams after 20 years Assumed inflation rate =7% Number of years =20 Todays value of your dream=Rs.1.2 crores Future value = Today’s value * (1 + inflation Rate)^number years Required amount = Today’s value * (1 + 0.07)^20 Required amount =Rs 1,20,000,00* (1 + 0.07)^20 Required amount =Rs 1,20,000,00* 3.866 Future value of your dreams after 20 years =4,64,36,042(Rs 4.64 crores) QUIZINDIA.CO.IN

  4. FUTURE VALUE OF YOUR MONEY Future value of your money where Pmt is the per period annuity payment amount . Monthly savings=Rs 50,000 ,Annual savings=Rs 600,000 i=Rate of interest on your monthly savings ,Assumed as 15% per annum with systematic investment plan like insurance ,mutual funds etc Future value of your money after 20 years =Rs 600,000*(1.15)^20-1/0.15) Rs 600,000*(16.366-1/0.15)=102.442 = 6,14,65,446(Rs.6.14 Crores) Rs 450,000*(16.366-1/0.15)=102.442 = Rs4,60,98,900(Rs4.6crores) You require a monthly savings of Rs 450,000/12=Rs37,500 to achieve your dreams after 20years Future value of your money after 5years = Annual savings *(1.15)^5-1/0.15)=Rs.1,68,30,620 Future value of your money= Annual savings *6.7423=Rs.1,68,30,620 Annual savings =Rs24,96,272, Monthly savings =24,96,272/12=Rs2,08,022(2lakhs) You require a monthly savings of Rs 2,08,022(2lakhs) to achieve your dreams after 5 years QUIZINDIA.CO.IN

  5. FINANCIAL DREAMS Can you wait for next 20 years to achieve your financial dreams? How about achieve your financial dreams in just 1 year? If you are looking for a part time opportunity to realize your dreams Here is the opportunity for average people to make more than Rs 44 croresevery year QUIZINDIA.CO.IN

  6. NETWORK MAREKTING Network Marketing can produce outstanding results if you know to harness its awesome power to secure your business success. Unlike franchises or conventional business, Network marketing take advantage of all three of the important, principles of 1. Leverage ( of Time and Money ) 2. Residual Income 3. Geometric Growth Through Duplication It is the time to change the way you think QUIZINDIA.CO.IN


  8. OUR CORE VALUE Responsibility –We are accountable for all our actions Integrity-We are ethical and trustworthy in our relationships Growth-We Drive Business growth for mutual profits Honesty-We follow honesty in every transaction of the business Team work –We encourage team work to work as one team and build relationship benefits QUIZINDIA.CO.IN


  10. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Earn more than Rs 44 crore by referring any one of our online test series to just 4 persons. This is not any new scam of networking, this is simple maths of revenue sharing. Investment Required : ONLY Rs 120 per year In this, you will get12 online tests (One year subscription, one test will be provided every month). You will also get Rs 5 for every referral by you as well as by the referral of your referral and so on, upto 13 levels. i.e. we will distribute the revenue of Rs 65 from each sale and will be using rest of the amount in making and providing the tests, submitting service tax and other operational costs. QUIZINDIA.CO.IN

  11. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY An example is shown in the next slide, if everybody refers just 4 (or 3) persons in one month then how your income is more than 44 crore (or 1 crore in case if everybody just refers 3 persons) in one year and then it will be again same every year as those persons will renew their subscription every year. You can also register free and book your position. But in that case, you will receive the referral income only after the payment and you have to pay within one month of registration. Otherwise your booked id will be de-activated permanently. QUIZINDIA.CO.IN


  13. WHAT IS NEXT ? Take Action If You Want To Realize Your Dreams Contact the person immediately who has shown this presentation to you and enroll with us. WE ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES AND IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS QUIZINDIA.CO.IN

  14. QUIZINDIA For more information ,Feel free to contact us Quiz India # 1041,Sector 15, PanchkulaHaryana, IndiaPhone:  +91-9417077778  +91-9876568806 QUIZINDIA.CO.IN