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Bell ringers

Bell ringers

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Bell ringers

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  1. Bell ringers Chapter 2

  2. Bell ringerSeptember 20, 2013 Sometimes an individual is called a “people person.” This means that he or she is relaxed and friendly around others. How could this type of person be a real benefit at the workplace or at a social activity? What prevents some of us from becoming a “people person”?

  3. Bell ringerSeptember 23, 2013 Why is being confident important in the business world? Can confidence ever be taken too far? How can confidence be a positive factor when used the right way, but a negative factor when used the wrong way.

  4. Bell ringerSeptember 24, 2013 Media have created the “beautiful people”—or those people who seem to look perfect and lead perfect lives. However this perception is not true. Many “superstars,” representing different professions, have had their own share of problems. List some of those people. Why do their lives seem to be great? What problems have you had to face?

  5. Bell ringerSeptember 25, 2013 Socially, why is it sometimes difficult for us just to “be ourselves”?

  6. Bell ringerSeptember 26, 2013 Based on your perception, what qualities does a good student, a good performer, or a good employee possess?

  7. Bell ringerSeptember 27, 2013 Which of the ten planks of confidence might be a convenient outlet for much of the nervous energy that your body might feel prior to and during your speech?

  8. Bell ringerSeptember 30, 2013 A notecard can be a comforting “security net” for a speech. What are the two greatest problems regarding notes?

  9. Bell ringerOctober 1, 2013 This chapter listed ten planks of confidence. Can you think of at least two other traits that might be commonly viewed as “confidence” but may actually be negative qualities? What is your reasoning behind each choice?

  10. Bell ringerOctober 2, 2013 Why is practice essential for success at any undertaking? What problems might develop without it? How could failing to practice particular skills hurt you at work or school? Could this also damage your confidence?

  11. Bell ringerOctober 3, 2013 It has been said that some people “die with potential.” This means some people never work hard enough to actualize all of their talents or abilities. Why is this such a catastrophe? How can each of us prevent this from happening in our lives?