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2 nd Declension Masculine Nouns (Pages 40 – 41) PowerPoint Presentation
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2 nd Declension Masculine Nouns (Pages 40 – 41)

2 nd Declension Masculine Nouns (Pages 40 – 41)

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2 nd Declension Masculine Nouns (Pages 40 – 41)

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  1. 2nd Declension Masculine Nouns (Pages 40 – 41) Nouns which have a nominative singular ending in us, ius, er, or ir and a genitive ending in i are considered 2nd Declension Masculine nouns. servus servi m. slave = 2nd Declension Masculine Noun in-us puer pueri m. boy = 2nd Declension Masculine Noun in-er ager agri m. field = 2nd Declension Masculine Noun in–er vir viri m. man = 2nd Declension Masculine Noun in-ir

  2. 2nd Declension Masculine Endings Singular Nominative us, ius, er, ir Genitive i Dative o Accusative um Ablative o Plural Nominative i Genitive orum Dative is Accusative os Ablative is

  3. Declension and translation of servus servi m. slave Singular Translation Nominative servus slave Genitive servi slave’s, of the slave Dative servo to/for the slave Accusative servum slave Ablative servo with, by, from the slave Plural Nominative servi slaves Genitive servorum slaves’, of the slaves Dative servis to/for the slaves Accusative servos slaves Ablative servis with, by, from the slaves

  4. Declension and translation of puer pueri m. boy Singular Translation Nominative puer boy Genitive pueri boy’s, of the boy Dative puero to/for the boy Accusative puerum boy Ablative puero with, by, from the boy Plural Nominative pueri boys Genitive puerorum boys’, of the boys Dative pueris to/for the boys Accusative pueros boys Ablative pueris with, by, from the boys

  5. Declension and translation of ager agri m. field Singular Translation Nominative ager field Genitive agri field’s, of the field Dative agro to/for the field Accusative agrum field Ablative agro with, by, from field Plural Nominative agri fields Genitive agrorum fields’, of the fields Dative agris to/for the fields Accusative agros fields Ablative agris with, by, from the fields

  6. Declension and translation of vir viri m. man Singular Translation Nominative vir man Genitive viri man’s, of the man Dative viro to/for the man Accusative virum man Ablative viro with, by, from man Plural Nominative viri men Genitive virorum men’s, of the men Dative viris to/for the men Accusative viros men Ablative viris with, by, from the men