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  1. Teen Voices , “Youth Led Response to Teen Victimizing” organizing “The Most Innovative Multimedia Contest” to raise awareness; prevention and reduction of teen victim cases and create partnerships for project sustainability. Project Overview Project Theme & Topic Objectives 160 Sts start with personal profiles, add links of videos. Тhey gain a rich bank of URLs, analyze, categorize and compare. In phase two they create innovative presentations and multimedia. In phase 3students:Vote, Assess, Reflecti, Celebrate success 160 K-8 to K-12 internationals collaborate on a wikispaces platform using wiki software to collect resources, read, learn and produce multimedia to participate in the “Most Innovative Multimedia Contest” They write letters to government, have meetings and inspire peers to take action. Description Software Keywords Office, Synth, R. A. Collage, livespaces, Internet, M Maker, S. Writer Literacy, research, competences, voices, victim, collaboration, multimedia, safety, prevention, innovation, partnerships, leadership, copy right, interview, meeting and persuasing. Authors Anica Petkoska, Maja Srezoska, Marija Bileska, Shemsije Demiri, Bukurije Gasi, Igor Gorgieski, Nedret Ibraimi; SEOU Gostivar from Gostivar, Macedonia Documents

  2. Project Planning and Management Click the documents below to help you understand the context of this exemplary learning project: Background & Planning: A picture of the origin and objectives of the project idea, including the manner in which the project is planned and managed. Classroom Images: Images of the classroom to give you a better feeling of how the Future School looks like. Guide to Planning the Project: How to promptly plan/organize/manage your project idea. Rubrics to guide, plan and manage the activities, organize time and resources: Documents

  3. Project and Technology Resources Click the document below to view the technology resources used to present and implement the project idea. . • Click the links and the document below to view other project resources regarding Building the School of the Future (SEOU Gostivar Teen Voices) to enhance your project idea. • Check the SEOU GostivarFuture School Live Space • • Check the SEOU Gostivar Teen Voices web site • • Check the SEOU Gostivar Teen Voices Reflections Video • • Check the SEOU Gostivar Teen Voices Meeting Video • . Documents

  4. SEOU ”Gostivar”- Gostivar, Macedonia Teachers: Anica Petkoska Maja Srezoska Igor Gjorgjieski Marija Bileska Shemsie Demiri Bukurije Gasi Nedret Ibraimi