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  1. Australia

  2. Background • Australia was first discovered in 1770 by James Cook, who claimed this new land for Great Britain, and named it “New South Wales.” • Australia was eventually split up into seven separate states: New South Wales, Northern Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and West Australia.

  3. Today, Australia is home to about 22,000,000 people. • Australia is largely made up of a remote, dry, desert area know as The Outback. • In The Outback, you are likely to come across wild dingoes, donkeys, sheep, and kangaroos. • As part of APEC ( Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), Australia trades mainly with Asian countries. • Major exports include beef, cotton, dairy products, sugar, wool, and wine. • Exchange Rate: 1 Australian dollar = 84 American cents

  4. What’s Happening in Australia Today?

  5. “UN Representative Criticizes Australia’s Aboriginal Policies as Racist” “UN Says Indigenous Rights Undermined in Australia” • As of now, Aboriginals (Australia’s equivalent to Native Americans) have restrictions and laws against them which are being accused of being racist. These laws are considered racist and in violation of human rights because they only target this one particular racial group. • Out of Australia’s 22,000,000 citizens, about 517,000 are Aboriginals. • Aboriginals are not represented in government, therefore their needs are not adequately identified. • Their lives are strictly monitored. For example, items such as alcohol and porn are banned. Also, Aboriginal children were taken from parents and introduced to other Australians for purposes of racial integration. • The problem is, like the Native Americans in the U.S., these Aboriginals had their own culture and way of life that conflicts with other Australian cultures and beliefs. • Life expectancy for Aboriginals is, on average, 17 years less than other Australians. Life expectancy for Australian men= 75 years. Women= 80. “UN Envoy Slams ‘Entrenched’ Racism in Australia”

  6. “Australia Probes North Korean Weapons Shipment” “Australia Probes North Korean Weapons for Iran Seizure” • On August 14th, an Australian ship on its way to Iran was found with North Korean weapons on board. • These weapons included rocket launchers, ammunition, and detonators. • The UN Security Council resolution bans arms exported from North Korea. • There is still a pending investigation going on by the Department of Foreign Affairs to determine if Australian law was broken. “Australia Confirms Its Ship Had Weapons for Iran”

  7. Millennium Goals • Australia is currently helping poorer nations meet their goals. • Currently working to strengthen security regulations against terrorism in Indonesia and the Philippines. • Australia is helping Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Indonesia: • Promote trade • Raise education • Improve healthservices • Creating work opportunities for youth • Assisting countries to access technology

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