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  1. Australia By Josue Quiles

  2. Basics • The Australian population is made of

  3. Trying to be safe cultural • Trying to build a safe environment for culture • A social work study was first introduced in a social work course • Explains the importance of being cultural safe to build professional safety • They pressure that it is important for building life skills

  4. My opinions • Australia and America are more similar then different • I agree with making culture safe, I think its important for people to understand that they should feel okay knowing that they can express there culture and that it builds a lot of growth • I believe Australia should make social work a major carrier, I think that it will help them build the culture with in the communitys

  5. Social work in Australia • Social work in Australia is not a registered profession • They do have an AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers) • It is considered standard body for social work

  6. The AASW • You may enter the organization by getting a bachelor degree in social work • To enter by migration to the Australian government your credentials will be looked at • They primarily look at how your credentials that intertwine with there education system

  7. What they do • The AASW does things to try and help the community • They try to establish more housing for people • help the poor gain money • Make the economy strong • Build better health care for people

  8. Education in Australia • Australia education is ran by the Australian education system • Australia has over 1,200 institutions • It has 22,000 courses • They have primary education and vocational education

  9. More about schools • Secondary school is until 7th grade to 12th grade • Public schools are ran by school board and are influenced by religious group • Government schools are ran by the state

  10. International students • Australia tries to have a range of things for international students • They have laws to protect international names • International students must have a visa • You must study with a college or course that are registered with commonwealth register of institutions and courses for overseas student (CRICOS)

  11. National anthem •

  12. In America • Public schools are ran by schools board • Government schools are ran by the state • School for children go from kindergarten to 12th grade

  13. Similarities • Australia and America have a lot of things in common • They share – • Public and state schools • Grades • College opportunities • International programs

  14. Social work in America • We have NASW (National Association of Social Workers) • Largest membership organization • Over 150,000 members • For schools we have ASCE (American School Counselor Association)

  15. ASCA • There goal is to help guidance counselor connect and help students • Academically • Personally • With Career development • Helps with guidance counselor funds from school grades K-12

  16. Difference from Australia and America • Social work in Australia is not a profession • You must join AASW to be affiliated with it • Australia does not offer something like ASCA to help guidance counselor

  17. Similarities with guidance counseling • You must go to college to get bachelor (4 years) • Master for 2 years needed • They do offer programs for social work • (In Australia its mandatory to be “social worker” • Guidance counselor have common goal of trying to help children excel academically socially and help them better themselves

  18. More similar things in schools • Both offer single sex schools • Some schools offer uniforms • They both offer co-education schools • Schools prepare you for life • Small class size • After 12th grade they await exams for qualifications wto go to higher education

  19. Some facts about there school • Some schools demand a uniform not for just class but everyday and public use • You may drop out of school at 16 • Offer religious schools and educational philosophies examples they gave are • Montessori and Steiner

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