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  1. Australia

  2. The Australian flag with the Union Jack in the corner (one star per state)

  3. Kangaroos in the Outback

  4. The echidna (an egg laying mammal)

  5. Aussies love the sport of cricket.

  6. and “Aussie Rules” football

  7. Rugby

  8. A 50-stitch ruck

  9. Andrew “Bladesy” Blades, plays tighthead prop for the Wallaby scrum, height 198, weight 114 In centimeters and kilograms.

  10. Owen “Melon” Finegan, plays flanker lock for the Wallaby scrum

  11. A Rugby joke Van der Merwe was watching a rugby test against the Roosters in Sydney. In the packed stadium, there was only one empty seat - next to Van der Merwe. "Who does that seat belong to?" asked his neighbour. "It's for my wife." "But why isn't she here?" "She died." "So why didn't you give the ticket to one of your friends?" "They've all gone to the funeral."

  12. A rugby referee died and went to heaven. Stopped by St Peter at the gates he was told that only brave people who had performed heroic deeds and had the courage of their convictions could enter. If the ref could describe a situation in his life where he had shown these characteristics, he would be allowed in. "Well," said the ref, "I was reffing a game between Northern Transvaal and Natal at Loftus Versveld. Northerns were 2 points ahead, 1 minute to go. The Natal wing made a break, passed inside to his lock. The lock was driven on by his forwards, passed out to the flanker who ducked blind and went over in the corner. However, the flanker dropped the ball before he could ground it, and as Natal were clearly the better side all game, I ruled that he had dropped the ball down, not forward, and awarded the try." "OK, that was fairly brave of you, but I will have to check it in the book." says Peter, and disappears to look it up. When he comes back he says "Sorry, there is no record of this. Can you help me to trace it? When did all this happen?" The ref looked at his watch and replied "45 seconds ago." ***

  13. And yacht racing.

  14. A dune in the Great Sandy Desert

  15. An aborigine bushman with boomerang behind his neck.

  16. Ayer’s Rock, the world’s largest monolith, near Alice Springs U L U R U

  17. Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) as seen from directly overhead. Rust Feldspar

  18. A tasmanian devil and a wallaby

  19. Perth Alice Springs Sydney Darwin Cities Hobart Canberra Melbourne Fremantle Adelaide Brisbane

  20. Sydney, New South Wales

  21. Sydney’s harbor bridge

  22. Sydney’s Opera House

  23. Shark tank at Sydney’s aquarium

  24. Melbourne’s Greek Independence Day parade, why celebrate here?

  25. Melbourne, Victoria skyline

  26. The glass atrium at the Melbourne Mall

  27. Fremantle on the west coast (WA)

  28. Perth, the capital of WA

  29. Brisbane, Queensland at night using time lapse photography

  30. New South Wales South Australia States Victoria Western Australia Tasmania Queensland

  31. Famous People, Places, Things Australia

  32. G U D J E W G Kakadu National Park

  33. Common warning sign at Kakadu

  34. A swagman “waltzing Matilda” A.B. “Banjo” Patterson 1864-1901 “The Man From Snowy River”

  35. Once a jolly swagman camped by a Billabong Under the shade of a Coolabah tree And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled "Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?" Down come a jumbuck to drink at the water hole Up jumped a swagman and grabbed him in glee And he sang as he stowed him away in his tucker bag "You'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me'". Up rode the Squatter a riding his thoroughbred Up rode the Trooper - one, two, three "Where's that jumbuck you've got in your tucker bag?", "You'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me". But the swagman he up and jumped in the water hole Drowning himself by the Coolabah tree, And his ghost may be heard as it sings in the Billabong, "Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?" A.B. (Banjo) Paterson

  36. Billabong = A waterhole. Billy = A can or small kettle used to boil water for tea. Coolabah tree = A type of native tree in Australia Jumbuck = A sheep. There are 20 times as many sheep as there are people in Australia. Squatter = At one time, squatters claimed (seized) land for themselves in addition to land that they had been granted. Eventually through the continuous occupation of the land, their claims were legitimized in the eyes of the law.

  37. Swagman = Someone who lives on the open road. A hobo. The term came from the canvas bag that they would carry their bedroll and/or belongings in. Trooper = In Australia's early days, there was no police force. The colony was protected by and policed by soldiers and even when a police force was eventually formed, they were still referred to as 'troopers'. Tucker bag = A bag for storing food in the bush.

  38. New Zealand