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El Salvador PowerPoint Presentation
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El Salvador

El Salvador

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El Salvador

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  1. El Salvador Mission Trip - 2007 In Partnership with Ambassadors for Children

  2. El Salvador The Central American country of El Salvador (Republica de El Salvador) is bordered by Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Ocean. Official Name: Republic of El Salvador Capital: San Salvador Official Language: Spanish

  3. Locations all across the United States Partner with over 900 healthcare facilities in the United States Service healthcare facilities ranging in size from 25 to 1,700 beds Since 1999 we have led over 33 mission trips in 13 countries

  4. El Salvador Mission Objectives Evaluate and Repair Hospital Equipment Visit Hospitals, Visit Children’s Wards Visit Orphanages and Schools Partner with Ambassadors for Children in Outreach Programs

  5. Hospital Visits and Evaluations

  6. The Hospitals Benjamin Bloom National Children's Hospital Hospital Patronato San Rafael Hospital Ludoteca Children’s Hospital

  7. Blake Collins, TriMedx Regional Director Tim Moss, TriMedx Foundation Director TriMedx Technicians at Work

  8. Donated Equipment must be evaluated before use Chuck Tittle, TriMedx

  9. TriMedx Technicians work on all types of equipment

  10. Radiology, Lab, Ultrasound, Biomedical

  11. Janie Proctor, TriMedx “The experience was an eye opener as we saw hundreds of locals standing in line, occupying hallway benches, and sitting on floors waiting to see medical staff. I knew there were many people waiting who wouldn’t get help that day.” Janie ProctorTriMedx Central Office

  12. Caring for the most helpless of our world…. Children’s Ward Visits and Evaluations

  13. Working alongside hospital personnel

  14. The safety and well-being of the worlds children are affected by the quality of equipment used in the hospitals.

  15. Visiting Villages and Children

  16. Village Visits

  17. Providing Fun and Safe Activities for a fun children’s day…..

  18. Pool Party at Ludoteca, Rosario de la Paz for over 100 children

  19. Brightening up the Children’s Ward Administered Fluoride Treatments Distributing School Supplies

  20. Images of El Salvador

  21. Coffee Plantation Visit

  22. Kelly Green, TriMedx “While traveling to the different locations throughout the week, I noticed that most of the people in El Salvador lived in scrap metal shacks with livestock running around wild around their homes. Although the people lived in extreme poverty, they seemed to be happy and caring people that live closely together in order to bring comfort and security.” Kelly GreenTriMedx Central Office

  23. TriMedx Team Prepares to Say Goodbye…….

  24. Accomplishments The Hospitals: Evaluated and Repaired Equipment at: San Rafael Hospital Benjamin Bloom National Children's Hospital in San Salvador Hospital Patronato Ludoteca Children’s Hospital Orphanage Visits: Delivered hygiene and school supply kits Administered fluoride dental treatments Helped with craft projects and children entertainment Organized and painted an orphanage Library Delivered shoes and school supply kits The Orphanages Visited: Immaculada Corazon de Maria Ludoteca, Rosario de la Paz Villa Kiwanis Jardin de Amor Orphanage & Hogar Infantil

  25. We must become the change we want to see in the world Mahatma Ghandi1869-1948 For more information, please visit us at ….