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El Salvador

El Salvador

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El Salvador

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  1. El Salvador

  2. Key Data The name of the capital of the country is "Holy Saviour . Is the capital city of the republic of El Salvador , is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. El Salvador had a population of approximately 5,744,113 people, composed predominantly of Mestizos.

  3. Climate The climate of El Salvador this country experiences a tropical type of climate and is marked by little fluctuations in the temperature all through the year. Most of the rain occurs during the winter season that commences in the month of May and lasts till October.

  4. Language Spoken El Salvador was explored and settled by the Spanish in the 16th century and remained a territory of Spain until 1821, when it joined Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua

  5. Currency/Geography El Salvador uses the US dollar, exactly the same currency used in the United States of America. Have used it since 2001 and there used to it. The geography of El Salvador is unique among the nations of CentralAmerica. The country borders the North Pacific Ocean to the south and southwest, with Guatemala to the north-northwest and Honduras to the north-northeast.

  6. Economy/Agriculture Ex. A problem that the Salvadoran economy faces is the inequality in the distribution of income. The most important agricultural products in El Salvador are coffee, cotton, corn (maize), and sugarcane. Several species of palm and coconut trees grow in the coastal zone, and there are many varieties of tropical fruit, such as coconut, tamarind, melon, watermelon, and mango. The main export continues to be coffee, although El Salvador has long sought to diversify its exports into other agricultural products such as cotton, as well as manufactures.

  7. Religions/Music Mostly Christians with around 93% of the population Roman Catholic while other religious minorities include Protestants, Pentecosts and Jews. Popular music in El Salvador uses marimba tehpe‘che, flutes, drums, scrapes and gourds, as well more recently imported guitars and other instruments. Cuban, Columbian and Mexican music has infiltrated the country, especially salsa and cumbia.

  8. Special Holidays Some major holidays of El Salvador of course, their Independence Day celebrated on September 15. On August 6 El Salvador celebrates Del Munde, an old Spanish holiday .A week after Easter the people of El Salvador celebrate something similar to Christmas called Semen Santa.

  9. Flag The blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea; while the white stripe symbolizes peace. The state coat of arms on El Salvador's flag is based on the coat of arms of the former United Provinces of Central America. The coat of the arms shows a triangle which represents equality and the three branches of El Salvador's government. Inside the triangle are five volcanoes which symbolize the five former members of the federation, flanked by the blue of the ocean and sea. The triangle contains symbols of liberty , ideals of the people and peace, which are represented by a red cap, golden rays and the rainbow. The triangle also shows the date that El Salvador gained independence from Spain. Underneath the triangle lies El Salvador's national motto which translates in English to 'God, Union and Liberty'. The fourteen clusters of leaves represent the 14 departments or states of El Salvador.

  10. Flag Adoption The El Salvador flag was adopted on September 27, 1972. El Salvador, which in Spanish means 'the savior', gained its independence from Spain on September 15, 1821 and independence from the Central American federation in 1842.

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