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El Salvador

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El Salvador
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El Salvador

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  1. El Salvador BY Tasha and Niamh

  2. Facts The nationality is Salvadoran! The population in 2009 Is 7.2 million almost 90% of this is Indian and Spanish! The language is Spanish! A lot of Salvadorans like to have there own animal farms, they use their animals for meat to eat. A lot of them also have their own fruit and veg farms they make a lot of their drinks from fruit because they eat and drink a lot of natural things.

  3. Food and Drink! • Pupusa is a delicacy that’s like a savoury pancake filled with pork rinds and cheese you'll also find them stuffed with shrimp, squash, etc. • Traditional sausages are made from their own animal farms and are extremely popular. • Try Shuco is a special drink made from purple corn, beans and pumpkin seeds sauce.

  4. Religion • A huge percentage of people in El Salvador are roman Catholics and others are Christians, Latin Americans etc. • In now days the religion is Roman Catholic: 57%, protestant 30% and other 13%

  5. Politics • The president of El Salvador is called Mauricio Funes he has been president since 1 June 2009 • The vice president of El Salvador is called Sánchez Cerén he has been vice president since 1 June 2009 • The president was born 18 october 1959 so he is 51 • The vice president was born 10 june 1944 so he is 67

  6. Sports • Football (main sport) • Basketball • Baseball • Tennis • Swimming They play a lot of the same sports as we do they even have a Olympic centre for swimming.

  7. Geography El Salvador is located in central America its between Guatemala and Honduras. The total area is 21,040 square kilometres. The coast line is 307 km long. The climate is tropical, the rainy season is may to October and the dry season is November to April el Salvador is mostly mountains!

  8. Famous people Vanesa Tomasino AlvaroTorres Allison Iraheta Mauricio Merino José Antonio Cortéz Click on any pic to find out more!

  9. THE END!

  10. Alvaro Torres • Alvaro Torres is thought to be one of the most influencing male song writer and singers in el Salvador. • Alvaro Torres was born inJiquilisco El Salvador • Alvaro Torres wrote his first song when he was only 12 years old. Click on me to go back home !

  11. Vanesa Tomasino • Venesa Tomasino was born and raised in San Salvador the capital of El Salvador. • Vanesa Tomasino had a passion for TV hosting and acting because of that she was in Oliver twist and sound of music. Click on me to go back home !

  12. Allison Iraheta • Allison Iraheta was a contestant in American idol and came 4th. • She was born in California • Allison Iraheta was in other competitions which she sung both English and Spanish on. • She became one of the most famous people in el Salvador over night. Click on me to go back home !

  13. MauricioMerino • Mauricio Merino was born in el Salvador. • He was in many Australian movies/TV shows. • He was in the elephant princess, the pacific, the neighbours, the Red back and The Fear Within Click on me to go back home !

  14. JoséAntonioCortéz • José Antonio Cortéz was born in San Vicente. • He is a former NFL player who played for the Indianapolis Colts during the 2005 season. • Jose has played for several NFL teams like San Diego Chargers, San Francisco, Washington Redskins as well as with NMF Europe for a while. Click on me to go back home !