that tricky topic sentence n.
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That Tricky Topic Sentence PowerPoint Presentation
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That Tricky Topic Sentence

That Tricky Topic Sentence

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That Tricky Topic Sentence

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  1. That Tricky Topic Sentence

  2. Everything in a paragraph, all the sentences in the paragraph, all the ideas and examples, EVERYTHING, stays in the border of the topic sentence. Anything that disagrees with the topic sentence is THROWN outside, alone and sad. Never to be included in the paragraph. But! It could be in another paragraph, with it's own border - a new topic sentence! There IS room for all your ideas, evidence, examples, and details, just not in the same paragraph.

  3. Definition: A topic sentence is the MAIN IDEA of the whole paragraph that is stated in one sentence. A topic sentence = Topic+ Controlling Idea Practice identifying components of an effective topic sentence in exercise 1

  4. Practice Exercise 1 (topic + controlling idea) People can avoid burglaries by taking certain precautions.  
(The precautions for…) 2. There are several advantages to growing up in a small town.  
(The advantages of…) 3. Most US universities require a 3.0 GPA for a number of reasons.  
(The reasons for…) 4. Air pollution in Mexico City is the worst in the worldfor a number of reasons.  
(The causes of…) or (The effects of…) 5. Fixing a flat tire on a bicycle is easy if you follow these steps.  
(The steps for…)

  5. Practice Exercise 1 6. There are several enjoyable waysto travel between the US and Queretaro.  
(The ways to…) or (The methods of…) 7. Animals in danger of becoming extinctcome from a wide range of countries.  
(The different countries… [parts, kinds, types]) 8. Effective leadershiprequires specific qualities that anyone can develop.  
(The qualities (or characteristics or traits) of…) 9. Industrial waste poured into Lake Michiganhas led to dramatic changes in its ability to support marine life.  
(The effects of…) 10. In order tofully explore the wreck of the Titanic, scientists must address several problems.  
(The difficulties of…) or (The obstacles to…)