aka focus sentence n.
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Topic Sentence

Topic Sentence

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Topic Sentence

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  1. AKA: Focus Sentence Topic Sentence

  2. In your Writing section of your blue binder, write down what you think a topic sentence is. Now, read the following descriptions and make additions to your own definition • A topic sentence expresses the main idea of the paragraph • A topic sentence should be specific enough to convey the topic yet general enough to give an overview of the paragraph • When a paragraph is part of an essay, then atopic sentence is one of the “magic 3” reasons from the essay’s thesis Topic Sentence

  3. ________________. However, my dog Fido and my cat Cleopatra communicate better than my brother and I. Fido and Cleopatra have been friends since we brought Cleopatra home as a kitten. She loved cuddling against Fido’s warm belly when she took naps. Now, the two are inseparable. If someone sees Fido walking around, there is sure to be a black cat following closely behind. • My dog and cat have a close relationship. • People often say, “Dogs and cats don’t get along.” • I bought Cleopatra at the Humane Society. • Have you ever seen a dog and cat be friends? Choose the Best Topic Sentence

  4. 1. There are many birds in the world, but my favorite bird is the cockatoo. 2. A cockatoo is a parrot with white or dark features. 3. It is an active bird that communicates by lifting the feathers on its head, spreading its wings, and making loud calls. 4. A cockatoo is an intelligent and affectionate bird that many people keep as a pet. 5. My second-favorite bird is the macaw parrot. Choose the sentence that does NOT belong in this ¶

  5. 5. My second-favorite bird is the macaw parrot. Answer:

  6. Using the paragraph on the following slide, answer the questions QUESTIONS • What is the topic sentence? (write it out) • What is the topic within the topic sentence? • How do the topic sentence and following sentences fulfill the characteristics of a well-developed paragraph? INSTRUCTIONS

  7. Many fast-food chains make their profits from adding a special ingredient called “forget sauce” to their foods. Made largely from edible oil products, this condiment is never listed on the menu. In addition, this well-kept industry secret is the reason why ingredients are never listed on the packaging of additional foods sold by these restaurants. “Forget sauce” has a chemical property which causes temporary amnesia in consumers. After spending significant amounts of money on questionable food, most consumers swear they will never do so again. Within a short period, however, the chemical in “forget sauce” takes effect and the consumer returns. Topic Sentence and Topic