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Topic Sentence

Topic Sentence

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Topic Sentence

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  1. Topic Sentence Paragraphs usually have topic sentences. A topic sentence is very useful for organizing a paragraph because it states what the entire paragraph is about. A good topic sentence should be a general sentence that presents the topic clearly.

  2. Topic sentences should always contain both • a topic and • a controlling idea. • When your introduction contains a clearly stated topic sentence, your reader will know what to expect and, therefore, understand your ideas better.

  3. A carefully thought out topic sentence will serve two important functions.  First, it will provide you, the author, the means to stay focused on your objective.  It's a lot easier to write if you know what you are going to write about!  Second, a clearly stated topic sentence will provide readers with the tools they need to clearly understand what you have to say.  These are important reasons to carefully consider topic sentences before beginning writing.

  4. A good topic sentence should include either of the following: • 1. one clear topic • e.g. It is important to have friends, and also to do well in school. • e.g. I don’t think I will ever have a better friend than Heather. • 2. an opinion or idea about the topic • e.g. Studying karate has given me strength and self-confidence. • e.g. I have been studying karate.

  5. Red: topic Green: controlling ideas • People can avoid burglariesbytaking certain precautions.  • There are several advantagesto growing up in a small town.  • Fixing a flat tire on a bicycle is easy if you follow these steps. 

  6. Choose the best topic sentence for each one. Choose one of the following reasons why the other sentences are not good topic sentences. • G: It is too general. • S: It contains too much specific information. • C. It makes a concluding statement. • N. It is not related to the other sentences. • P. It is a summary of only part of the paragraph.

  7. My car always smells like exhaust fumes. I’ve had two flat tires this year. Sometimes it won’t even start in the morning. • a. My car smells, has flat tires, and won’t start. • b. So it’s time to get a new car. • c. I have a lot of trouble with my car.

  8. Choose the main topic • 1: What is the main topic? • a. Overcoming the depth of the water • b. Exploring the wreck of the Titanic • c. Getting light down into the darkness • d. Dealing with the water pressure

  9. 2: What is the main topic? • a. Statue of Liberty • b. Eiffel Tower • c. Famous Architecture • d. Great Wall of China • e. Taj Mahal

  10. 3: What is the main topic? • a. Listening in class • b. Setting a specific time to study • c. Getting good grades • d. Getting quality sleep and exercise

  11. 4: What is the main topic? • a. Water temperature raises • b. Kills some species of fish • c. Industrial waste pours into Lake Michigan • d. Bottom-feeding scavenger fish proliferate • e. Destroys most water recreational sports

  12. Thirty years ago, magnetic tape was used only to record music and voices. Later, it was also used to record computer programs and data. The biggest use today, however, is for videotape recording. • a. The uses of magnetic tape have greatly increased. • b. Magnetic tape is good. • c. Magnetic tape has been used with computers.

  13. A long time ago, the apple was a symbol of forbidden knowledge because of the story of the Garden of Eden in the Bible. Later, it became a traditional gift for teachers. These days, many people think of the computer company with the same name when they hear the word “ apple.” • a. Apples taste good, too. • b. The apple has been a symbol of many things. • c. An apple represents forbidden knowledge because of the Bible, school because it was a traditional gift, and a computer company because it has the same name.