topic sentence n.
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Topic Sentence

Topic Sentence

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Topic Sentence

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  1. Topic Sentence 英一A 林瑞德

  2. Topic Sentence To tell people what the meaning of your article. To tell people the direct thing that you want to tell.

  3. Elements of a topic sentences.The two main elements of topic sentences A main subject. Controlling idea.

  4. For instance.

  5. Topic one: SmokingTopic sentence: Smoking is a bad habit and it also take your life away. Major points: Cigarettes have lots of nicotine that is bad for your health. Smoking could turn your healthy lungs into a malignant cancer. It’s not good to smoke in the public places.

  6. Topic two: FriendshipTopic sentence: Friendship plays an important role in your life. Major points: Friends can help each other when we are in a difficulty. Friends can inspire together when we fell down. Friends keep company with us to play games for fun.

  7. Topic three: LoveTopic Sentence: If there is no love, everything will be tasteless. Major points: You feel happy as you gave someone a hand. You shouldn’t hit your child when he or she made a mistake.

  8. Topic four: LanguageTopic Sentence: Language is very important in your daily life Major points: If you want to travel abroad, the foreign language you should talk. It’s so convenient that you can communicate with everybody when you’re living in his country. It’s good to help foreigners when he had some problems in your country.