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California Missions

California Missions. By Marilyn Kowsari October 12, 2007. What was a mission?. A religious settlement. Location of the Missions. Founder of the Missions. Father Serra Born in 1713 in Petra, Isla del Mellora Spain Founded 9 of the 21 missions

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California Missions

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  1. California Missions By Marilyn Kowsari October 12, 2007

  2. What was a mission? • A religious settlement

  3. Location of the Missions

  4. Founder of the Missions • Father Serra • Born in 1713 in Petra, Isla del Mellora Spain • Founded 9 of the 21 missions • Died in 1784 and buried at San Carlos Borromeo Mission

  5. Purpose of the Bells • Call people to meals • Call people to work • Call people to prayer • Tell some important news

  6. Characteristics of the missions • Things in common • They all had bells • Cemeteries • Located near Indian villages

  7. Mission Life • Who lived at the mission? • Padres • Indians

  8. Padres Jobs • Conducted Sunday Services • Managed mission • Responsible forvisitors

  9. Indian Women’s Jobs • Cooked • Cleaned • Tanned hides • Gardened • Made candles and soap

  10. Indian Men’s Jobs • Took care of the animals • Blacksmith • Made tools for use on the farm • Made necessary buildings

  11. Indian Children Jobs • Watched and fed the livestock • Helped plant the crops • Kept animals out of the crops • Helped clean mission grounds

  12. Treatment of theIndians • Had to give up their way of life • Had to become Catholic • Could not speak their language • Were beaten if they tried to leave/escape

  13. Closing of the Missions • Mexico won war with Spain • Did not like to be reminded of Spanish rule • Wanted the Indians to become part of the Mexican society

  14. Law of 1833 • Divided Mission lands up over fifteen year period • Mission became a pueblo • Half of land was to be given to the Indians • tricked out of their land • many sold their land • many went to work for new land owners

  15. Mission San Juan Capistrano • Founded first by Fr. Lasuen Oct. 1775 • Founded second time by Fr. Serra 1776 • Falling apart in 1866 • Destroyed by an earthquake in 1812 • 1910 Father O”Sullivan took it over

  16. Swallows of San Juan Capistrano • March 19th swallows return • Huge crowds welcome their return • Nests in old mission church • Return to South America in October

  17. Mission San Juan Today • Small town named for the mission • Curio Shops and restaurants • Mission Grounds • Still undergoing restoration • 10 acres of outdoor museum

  18. Comprehension Questions • Why was Father Serra important? • Who lived at the missions? • How were the Native Americans who lived at the missions treated? • Name one reason why the Mexican governement wanted to close the missions. • What happened to the Native Americans after the missions closed? • What were some of the jobs of the children at the mission? • What was the first mission? • Why did all the missions have bells?

  19. FUN FACTS • Father Serra’s finger is buried at the Santa Barbara Mission • The ghosts of a caretaker and his family are said to haunt Mission San Miguel • It took 54 years to build all of the missions • The bells at San Juan Capistrano are said to have rung by themselves when a very devout Indian girl name Matilda died while putting flowers on the altar. • Serra Chapel at Mission San Juan Capistrano is said to be the oldest building in California. • San Antonio de Padua is located on a military base.

  20. THE END

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