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Our Missions PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Missions

Our Missions

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Our Missions

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  1. Source Selection Presented by Jone DebnamHave you ever wondered what really happens after you submit your proposal?Who's looking at it? How is it being evaluated? What matters most? How does it stack-up against the competition?

  2. Our Missions • EI2 (the Enterprise Innovation Institute) aims to increase the competitiveness of enterprises in Georgia through application of science, technology and innovation. Details at • GTPAC assists based Georgia companies with all aspects of government contracting – federal, state and local. Details at GTPAC assists with all aspects of Govt contracting at no cost • Special Note: Georgia Tech and UGA collaborate through the Georgia Entrepreneur & Small Business Program to better deliver services. Details at

  3. FAR REFERENCE • Specific Guidance for Government Source Selection is FAR Subpart 15.3 • The objective of source selection is to select the proposal that represents the best value.(Subpart 15.301) • The contracting officer is designated as the source selection authority, unless the agency head appoints another individual for a particular acquisition or group of acquisitions.(Subpart 15.303)

  4. Government Team • Program Managers • End users • Technical Members • Subject Matter Experts • Contracting Officers/Specialists

  5. Source Selection Authority Responsibilities. • The Contracting Officer responsibilities Include: • Establish an evaluation team with the appropriate skillsets. • Approve the source selection strategy or acquisition plan. • Ensure consistency among the solicitation requirements, notices to offerors, proposal preparation instructions, evaluation factors and subfactors, solicitation provisions or contract clauses, and data requirements

  6. Source Selection Authority Responsibilities. • The Contracting Officer responsibilities Include(Subpart 15.303): • Ensuring that proposals are evaluated based solely on the factors and subfactors contained in the solicitation. • Considering the recommendations of advisory boards or panels. • Select the source or sources whose proposal is the best value to the Government

  7. Post Solicitation Release • The contracting officer shall— • After release of a solicitation, serve as the focal point for inquiries from actual or prospective offerors • After receipt of proposals, control exchanges with offerors in accordance • Award the contract(s).

  8. Proposal Structure • Executive Summary • Technical Volume • Management Volume • Cost Volume

  9. Evaluation Factors • The award decision is based on evaluation factors and significant subfactors that are tailored to the acquisition. • Evaluation factors and significant subfactors must— • Represent the key areas of importance and emphasis to be considered in the source selection decision • Support meaningful comparison and discrimination between and among competing proposals.

  10. Proposal Evaluation • Technical (40%) • Management (40%) • Cost (20%) Note: Each of these areas will evaluated based pre-defined factors and subfactors

  11. Proposal Scoring • Evaluations may be conducted using any rating method or combination of methods, including color or adjectival ratings, numerical weights, and ordinal rankings

  12. Summary • Government Source Selection requires a lot planning. • The key to having a successful source selection begins with having a high acquisition plan. • Selecting qualified people is critical • Evaluation methodology and factors must effectively measure the best value to the government.

  13. Contact Information • • •