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  1. MISSIONS COMMITTEE We promote global and local Christian missions for our church

  2. Mission Committee’s 2006 Global Initiatives • Support Missionaries • Initiate covenant with conference supported missionaries • Support Asbury Family Missionaries • Promote the Heifer Project International

  3. Covenant Relationship with Conference Missionaries • We provide financial support • We and they uplift each other in prayer • We and they maintain a regular correspondence • They visit Asbury when they are home

  4. Conference Missionaries Nan McCurdy & Miguel Mairena Serving in Nicaragua

  5. Conference Missionary Nan McCurdy Serving the people of Nicaragua since 1985, Nan says • "We are called to follow Christ's example: To accompany, touch and include the poor, the women, the outcasts, the old, the sick, the challenged, the children all those not included fully in society," • "As God's children we are also called to be about the making of a just society here on earth, one that fulfills the Jubilee (the liberation of slaves, restitution of the earth, forgiveness of debt and the distribution of riches)." • "'Sell all your things, give to the poor and follow me'--this is Christ's most difficult message for us as U.S. Christians," • "Our worth and well-being are so wrapped up in what we have, in contrast to people in countries like Nicaragua who have nothing but their faith."

  6. Conference Missionary Miguel Mairena • Serving as a Conference Missionary since 1997 in hurricane devastated Nicaragua, his home, Miguel • facilitates reconstruction work, including the construction of 400 houses, the installation of a major potable water system complete with household latrines, and three rural schools. • counsels local men in the areas of reproductive responsibility and the prevention of intra-family violence. • has six children, two who still live with he and wife Nan McCurdy - Daniel, age 18 and Nora, age 15.

  7. Asbury Family MissionariesJack and Susannah Dabney Serving in Albania • Jack mentors Albanian pastors and provides pastoral leadership of a new congregation for English-speaking expatriates. • Susan works with Jack in both of these roles and also finds opportunities to use her gifts of compassion and evangelism. • "God has been preparing us for this from the beginning of our ministry," said Susan and Jack Dabney. They have prayed for the people of Albania since 1978. • The Dabneys have nine adult children and fourteen grandchildren.

  8. 2nd Global InitiativeHeifer Project International The Heifer Project provides gifts of living animals to hungry People working to improve their Lives. The gifts keep on giving by reproducing for years to come. Each family who receives an Animal gives an offspring to another family in need.

  9. Heifer Shopping List • Heifer $50 share or $500 whole • Water buffalo, $25 share or $250 whole • Llama, $20 share or $150 whole • Sheep, Goat, Pig, or rabbits, $10 share or $150 whole

  10. Shopping List continued • Flock of chickens, geese or ducks, $20 per flock; $60 for all 3 • Honey bees $30 for bees, hive, and box • Tree seedlings $10 share or $60 whole • Combination gifts from $50-$150 share or $500 - $1500 whole

  11. Global and Local Missions United Methodist Committee on Relief We support • One Great Hour of Sharing • Volunteers in Mission • UMCOR emergency kits

  12. Mission Committee’s2006 Local Initiatives • Help promote Community Ministries • Gift Bible program for nursing home residents • Fundraisers — annual yard sale • Donations to Nancy Ward Mission House

  13. October United Methodist Women’s Bazaar UMW is a major contributor to UMCOR and conference missions November Food Drive for Community Ministries December Gifts for Needy Local Families Mission of the Month this Fall

  14. MISSIONS COMMITTEE Take Action Today Make a contribution to Support our missionaries or UMCOR Buy a share of an animal for the Heifer Project Support our local missions Sign up to be a member of the Missions Committee