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Missions Preparation

Missions Preparation . What is Missions?. We must define missions before we can become missional . If everything is missions, then nothing is missions. What is Missions?. Cross Culture Work of the church of reaching the lost for Christ by crossing cultural boundaries. Is VBS missions??.

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Missions Preparation

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  1. Missions Preparation

  2. What is Missions? • We must define missions before we can become missional. • If everything is missions, then nothing is missions.

  3. What is Missions? • Cross Culture • Work of the church of reaching the lost for Christ by crossing cultural boundaries. • Is VBS missions??

  4. Missional Helix • Theological Reflection • Cultural Analysis • Strategy Formation • Historical Perspective

  5. Keys Issues of Missions • Urbanization • Globalization • Terrorism • Inclusivism, Exclusivism, Pluralism

  6. Statistics • 1/3 of the world’s population has never heard the gospel. • Everyday 50,000 of those people die. • Of 6,913 known languages, only 420 of them have the complete Bible in their own language.

  7. Missions in Scripture • Must begin with the Bible, missionary book. • Missions exist because worship does not. • Need to understand the narrative of scripture. • Creation • Fall • Redemption • Consummation What is the first mission’s text that you think of? What about ASA?

  8. Personal Testimony • Values of your testimony • High degree of human interest • Can not be refuted • Easy to share • More willingness from others to share

  9. Personal Testimony • Specific Points of Testimony • 1. Life before coming a Christian • 2. How and why I became a Christian • 3. How my life has been affected since

  10. Helps for those who became a Christian at an early age • Areas to focus • Home life • People who have influenced you • Early understanding of what Christ meant • Specific area where Christ has made a difference

  11. Do’s in giving yourtestimony • Be honest • Find a common interest • Use scripture • Express your personal relationship with Christ

  12. Don’tsin giving your testimony • Avoid using church talk • Do not be too wordy • Do not avoid the point – Christ • Avoid negative comments about other denominations

  13. Presenting the Gospel in it’s context • Understanding God • Understanding Man • Understanding Sin • Understanding Hopelessness apart from grace • Understanding the Incarnation

  14. Presenting the Gospel in it’s context • Understanding saving faith • Coming to Christ • Understanding our reconciliation with God • Warning to those who reject the gospel

  15. Sharing • Recognize spiritual warfare • Three aspects to engage believers: • 1. the Word of God • 2. the work of the Holy Spirit • 3. the witness of the believer

  16. Remember that lost people are… …LOST Ephesians 2

  17. 7 Levels of Spiritual Development • All people will fit into at least one of these categories: 1. Uninformed • Indifferent • Hostility • Interest • Conviction • Conversion • Growing

  18. 5 Steps in leading a person to Christ • Begin the conversation • Present the Gospel • Ask the person to receive Christ • Instruct new believer • Follow up

  19. Leading someone to salvation • What is salvation? • Must relay a clear message • Not a one time decision, then life goes on. (Phil. 2:12) • True salvation produces fruit. (John 15) • Saved by grace through faith. (Eph. 2:8) • Must present the biblical gospel

  20. Warning… • Sinners Prayer • Asking Jesus into your heart

  21. Bridges to the Gospel • Church Bridge • Where you brought up in a particular religious tradition? • Do they talk about heaven much in your church? • Do not assume that every church goer is a Christian.

  22. Bridges to the Gospel • Personal Experience Bridge • What is your current level of interest in spiritual things? • What would you say the purpose of life is?

  23. Bridges to the Gospel • Intellectual Bridge • Has anyone ever shared with you how to have a personal relationship with God? • Is there a specific question that you have about your spiritual journey?

  24. Bridges to the Gospel • Personal opinion bridge • In your opinion, what is a Christian? • What do you think of ______ ?

  25. Bridges to the Gospel cont’d • Current Issues • Sports • Felt Needs • Prayer • Relationship

  26. Evangelistic Tools • FAITH • Share Jesus Without Fear • Roman’s Road

  27. Contextualization • What is culture? • What is contextualization? • What is the importance of knowing both? • How far should you go?

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