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  1. This PowerPoint will analyze the conflict between the Spanish and the French concerning Texas, and the Spanish Missions. Missions

  2. a Spanish Mission and Presidio in 1690.

  3. Missions- religious outposts, built to teach the Native Americans how to live. Presidios- military outposts built to protect the missions. Christianity- a monotheistic religion based on the life of Jesus Christ. It breaks up into two main branches, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Vocabulary

  4. The La Salle expedition alerted Spain to France’s interest in Texas. The Spanish decided that if they were to keep Texas, they must occupy it. Spanish missions and settlements provided a stronger hold on Texas than the French traders. Why the Missions were created

  5. In 1682 Spanish friars founded the mission of Corpus Christi de la Ysleta near present-day El Paso. During the 1690s Spain concentrated on building missions, presidios, and towns in eastern Texas, near Louisiana. First Mission in Texas

  6. The French established colonies throughout the Mississippi Valley several years after La Salle’s venture in the 1680s. French traders won Native Americans’ friendship and made large profits trading. To prevent France from taking Texas, the Spanish viceroy ordered new missions to be built in East Texas, and trade between the Spanish and French was stopped. French threaten to take Texas

  7. In 1716 the Spanish Mission San Francisco de los Tejas was established. It was the first time the Spanish came to settle in East Texas. Missions established in East Texas

  8. In 1718 Across from the San Antonio River the Mission San Antonio de Valero is founded. San Antonio is founded

  9. In 1719 war broke out between Spain and France. French soldiers seized the Spanish mission near Nacogdoches. In the spring of 1721, a Spanish leader led a large group of soldiers and settlers into East Texas and reestablished the abandoned missions. The Spanish and French peacefully accepted a small stream between Los Adaes and Natchitoches as a boundary. Spain and France go to War

  10. Comanche and Apache tribes resented missionaries who were seen as intruders on their hunting grounds. PLAINS INDIANS resist the Missions

  11. Native American people lived close to the missions, and friars worked to teach them the Spanish way of life. Friars gave gifts to attract them, and sometimes the Spaniards used force to get Native Americans to settle nearby. After prayers and breakfast, Native American children at the missions attended school and received religious instruction. Life at the Missions

  12. Women made clothes, pottery, and cooked, while the men worked in the fields or did Carpentry or Blacksmithing. In the evenings after supper, adults received instruction in religion and had prayers. Native Americans learned trades and learned to speak Spanish. Most Native Americans, however, refused to stay at the missions and to abandon their traditional way of life. Life in the Missions (cont)

  13. Native Americans refused Spanish Help. Natives did not want to Convert to Catholicism. Natives were mistreated by the Spanish. Missions lasted from 1682-1790. Why the Spanish Missions Failed.

  14. Arial view of the inside of the San Antonio de Valero Mission.

  15. Spanish Missions in Texas.