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- 고급 Contents -

- 고급 Contents -

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- 고급 Contents -

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  1. - 고급 Contents -

  2. - 고급 Contents -

  3. 1 1 1 National News * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. encourages, suitable for, planning to, help, go on - 1 -

  4. 1 1 1 National News ▶Reading Comprehension Seoul Schools to Have Small-Scale Excursion Trips Elementary, middle and high school students in Seoul will go on small-scale school field trips from this year. The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education announced new guidelines on school field trips recently. According to the guidelines, schools in Seoul can organize different types of trips according to class sizes. The education office also encourages students and parents to participate in deciding details of the school trips, including programs and destinations. The office is also planning to prepare booklets in coordination with local governments containing information that can help develop field trip courses and programs suitable for small- scale trips. ”These small-scale field trips can help enhance the learning abilities and competence of students,” said an education official. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 2 -

  5. 1 1 1 National News ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Complete the sentences. You can change the form of the following English words. 33-1). 음악과 조명이 쇼핑객들의 더 많은 구매를 조장하는 데 이용된다. (be used to, shoppers, more, encourage) Music and lighting . 2). 은행들이 사람들에게 돈을 빌리도록 적극 권장하고 있다. (encourage, people, borrow) Banks actively . - 3 -

  6. 1 1 2 AP/Reuters * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. as well as, since, have found, was observed, find - 4 -

  7. 1 1 2 AP/Reuters ▶Reading Comprehension Diamond Planet Found A U.S.-British team of astronomers have found a new planet, called the “diamond planet.” The planet is called WASP-12b. Since it contains more carbon than oxygen unlike Earth, the planet could contain a huge amount of diamonds and graphite on the surface as well as diamonds at its core, according to scientists. The planet was observed by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope in 2008. The planet is a little bit larger than Jupiter. It is orbiting 1,200 light years away from Earth. Although more research on the temperature of the planet and its components is needed, astronomers find this discovery meaningful because it proves that planets quite different in composition from those in our solar system do exist in our universe. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 5 -

  8. 1 1 2 AP/Reuters ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct words. 32. Chopsticks [were developed / developed] about 5,000 years ago in China. 33. A group of gathered at the [observance / observation / observatory] to study various stars. - 6 -

  9. 1 1 3 Entertainment * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. the most, enclosed, following, was composed of, prior to - 7 -

  10. 1 1 3 Entertainment ▶Reading Comprehension TVXQ Back with New Album Top pop duo TVXQ featuring Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho recently made their comeback to the K-pop scene with a new album. The special edition of the new album entitled “Keep Your Head Down” hit the stores on Jan. 5. It has a total of ten tracks. Enclosed is also a 100-page photo booklet about the two members for their fans. Following the special edition, TVXQ released a regular version of the same album. This contains an additional bonus track, making it an 11 track-album. TVXQ, debuted in 2004 and became one of the most popular and leading idol groups in Korea and other Asian countries. Originally, it was composed of five members Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejung, MickyYuchun, Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho. However, due to a dispute with their agency SM Entertainment over an exclusive 13 year contract, Jaejung, Yuchun and Junsu halted their activities as TVXQ. The three for med a separate group named JYJ. Changmin and Yunho also released a teaser video prior to the release of their album. The video aired during major entertainment shows on Korea’s major public channels, catching the eyes of TVXQ fans at the end of last year. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 8 -

  11. 1 1 3 Entertainment ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Complete the following sentence. 그것은 웹에서 가장 영향력 있고 인기 있는 신문들 중의 하나가 되었다. (influential, popular) It became on the web. ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase. 32. Cover and refrigerate for up to 15 minutes using. (A) until (B) beyond (C) prior to (D) nearby is a copy of my plane ticket to prove that I was not in the country. (A) Enclosing (B) Have enclosed (C) Enclose (D) Enclosed - 9 -

  12. 1 1 4 Sports * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. since, while, for giving, to finish, was released - 10 -

  13. 1 1 4 Sports ▶Reading Comprehension Slugger Lee Moves to Buffaloes Korean slugger Lee Seung-yeop has found a new team in Japan. The Korean baseball player has signed with the Orix Buffaloes in the Japanese league Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). He was released from the Yomiuri Giants last November. Orix signed a one-year deal with the 34-year-old big hitter. The Buffaloes will be Lee’s third club in Japan. He has played for Chiba Lotte Marines and the Yomiuri Giants over the past seven seasons. The left-handed hitter will be glad to finish his worst season with the most disappointing results yet in his Japanese career. He appeared in only 56 games, batted .163 with just five home runs and 11 RBIs last season. ”I would first like to thank the Buffaloes for giving me the opportunity to continue my career in Japanese league. I want to show my new team that their decision wasn’t wrong.” Lee said at a press conference in Seoul. The first baseman has had a batting average of 267 along with 144 homers and 388 RBIs since his NPB debut in 2004. Lee currently holds the record for most home runs in a single season in Korean professional baseball history. He hit 56 home runs in 2003, while playing for the Samsung Lions. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 11 -

  14. 1 1 4 Sports ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Write the sentences in English following the guideline. 28. 이승엽은 포즈를 취하고 있다. ___________________________________________________________________ 29. 이승엽은 카메라를 향하여 포즈를 취하고 있다. ___________________________________________________________________ 30. 이승엽은 기자회견에서 카메라를 향하여 포즈를 취하고 있다. _________ __________________________________________________________ 31. 이승엽은 최근 서울에서 열린 기자회견에서 카메라를 향하여 포즈를 취하고 있다. ___________________________ ________________________________________ ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct answers. 32. The number of exported cars [has steadily increased / steadily increased] since 1997. 33. I [traveled / have traveled] in Europe and South America last year. - 12 -

  15. 1 1 5 Culture * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. covered, born, scheduled to, to hit, begin shooting, which - 13 -

  16. 1 1 5 Culture ▶Reading Comprehension Spielberg Sees Robot War Steven Spielberg will go for robots for his new film soon. The famed ‘A.I.: Artificial Intelligence’ director will begin shooting a new robot movie in January 2012, announced DreamWorks Studios recently. The film, which is slated to make its theater debut in 2013, is based on Daniel H. Wilson’s novel ‘Robopocalypse,’ according to reports. The novel, which is to hit book-shelves on June 7, 2011, is about a group of humans struggling for survival in a futuristic world dominated by robots. Spielberg is currently shooting the World War I movie ‘War Horse,’ which is scheduled to open on December 28, 2011. ’Robopocalypse’ was one of the projects Spielberg was considering earlier before he decided on making ‘War Horse.’ Born in 1946, Spielberg is considered one of the most influential filmmakers in the history of cinema. His films have covered various themes and genres in a four-decade career. Spielberg won the Academy Award for Best Director for ‘Schindler’s List (1993)’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan (1998).’ Three of his films; ‘Jaws (1975),’ ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982),’ and ‘Jurassic Park (1993),’ achieved box office records, each becoming the highest-grossing film at the time. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 14 -

  17. 1 1 5 Culture ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the one that is NOT grammatically correct. 31. The first flight is schedule to happen in 2009 on a spaceship called Space Shep 2. [a] [b] [c] [d] 32. Having born in better times, he would have been a great scholar. [a] [b] [c] [d] 33. As she lived in a small house, which she could not practice without disturbing the rest of [a] [b] [c] the family, she usually practiced her high notes outside. [d] - 15 -

  18. 1 1 6 Issue & Debate * 총 30문항, 각 문제당 3.3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. for playing, banning, keep, once addicted, in terms of - 16 -

  19. 1 1 6 Issue & Debate ▶Reading Comprehension Cinderella Law Controversy The government’s decision to push through a law banning youngsters from playing online games from midnight to 6 a.m. has raised controversy recently. Dubbed the “Cinderella law,” it regulates Korean online game companies, requiring them to cut off services at midnight for registered users under the age of 16. The bill submitted to parliament at the end of last year was drawn to keep minors from playing online games late at night. It was proposed amid growing concerns over increasing problems from Internet addiction. A middle-school boy in Busan committed suicide after killing his mother after she scolded him for playing games excessively. Also, a three-month old baby was found dead in Seoul due to malnutrition in March after her parents were spending 12 hours a day at online gaming. Officials of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family believe that many kids play online games all night long and have trouble living normal lives in the daytime, including studying at school. They believe the law is necessary to ensure the health of youngsters giving them enough sleeping hours for them to grow. They also point out that online games can be dangerous. Once addicted to the games, it is extremely hard to be free of them, especially young kids. However, many Korean game companies are against the policymaker’s decision. They are concerned that strict restrictions will hinder the growth of the games industry. Some game firm executives also point out that the new regulation does not make sense since the cyber world has no limits and boundaries in terms of access. Young players can use other games based in foreign countries freely without restrictions if Korean firms stop providing services after midnight. The effectiveness of restricting game playing hours is also under scrutiny since the law does not cover other game sources like various console games and portable devices including advanced smartphones. Amid the controversy, however, government officials made it clear that the problems will be fixed after the law takes effect. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 17 -

  20. 1 1 6 Issue & Debate ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Make a sentence. You can change the form of the following English words. 28. 이 일은 봉급에관해서는 좋지만, 단점들이 있다. (salary, great, in terms of, job) , but it has its disadvantages. 29. 그 사람이 자꾸 물어보지 못하게 하는 방법 뭐 없나? (ask me many questions) Isn't there a way ? 30.선생님은 공부를 게을리 한다고 학생들을 꾸중하셨다. (scold, neglect, the pupils) The teacher their studies. - 18 -

  21. 1 1 7 History * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. began with, including, used to, argued that, whether - 19 -

  22. 1 1 7 History ▶Reading Comprehension American Civil Rights Movement Civil Rights Movement in the United States was a political, legal, and social struggle by black Americans to gain full citizenship rights and to achieve racial equality. The civil rights movement was the first and foremost challenge to segregation, the system of laws and customs separating blacks and whites. Whites used to control blacks after slavery was abolished in the 1860s. During the civil rights movement, individuals and civil rights organizations challenged segregation and discrimination with a variety of activities, including protest marches, boycotts, and refusal to abide by segregation laws. Many believe that the movement began with the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 and ended with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, though there is still a debate about when it began and whether it has ended yet. The civil rights movement has also been called the Black Freedom Movement, the Negro Revolution, and the Second Reconstruction. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were two central figures of the movement. After graduating from college, Martin Luther King, Jr. decided to fight segregation. But, he wanted to protest without violence. He gathered many black people and marched in peace. His dream of a fair society with equal chances is well-expressed in his famous address “I have a dream.” Malcolm X also had the common goal which was fighting against segregation. However, it was bit different from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s way. Malcolm X wanted the complete separation of African Americans from white people. Malcolm X also rejected the civil rights movement’s strategy of nonviolence. Instead, he argued that black people should use any necessary means of self-defense to protect themselves from the attacks of the whites. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 20 -

  23. 1 1 7 History ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Make a sentence. You can change the form of the following English words. 33. 니콜은 어렸을 때 매우 긴 머리를 하고 있었다. (use , when, have , a child) Nicole . - 21 -

  24. 1 1 8 Places In The News * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. is similar to, not only, to raise, because of, account for - 22 -

  25. 1 1 8 Places In The News ▶Reading Comprehension Qatar - Host Nation of the 2022 World Cup Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup, becoming the first Arab nation to host the world's most-watched sporting event. This global spectacle received a favorable boost when it was awarded to the Arab nation. Qatar was once the venue of the 2006 Asian Games, the largest event of that competition ever held. Qatar established the firm basis of a powerful and tiny country by the torrid growth of economy. It has a local population of just 1.3 million and is similar to Gyeonggi Province in its size. Its official language is Arabic. Muslims account for ninety-five percent of the population of Qatar. However, several churches exist in Doha. Christian symbols are not displayed on the outside of the buildings. Located on the Persian Gulf, Doha is the capital city of Qatar and also the country’s largest city. It is not only a trade port but also a merchant city. The name, Doha, came from the Arabic “ad-dawha” meaning “big tree.” After the Second World War, Doha has grown by leaps and bounds owing to oil development. Meanwhile, it also is home to the education city. Many of people in Doha make much effort to raise education. Doha has performed a role of the economic center of Qatar. It serves as the seat of government of Qatar, which is ruled by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Today, over 80 percent of the nation's population inhabit in Doha. Doha features arid and hot desert climate. Its temperatures are more than 40 ℃ in June-July. Because of this special climate, air conditioners will be installed at the stadium for the World Cup. Doha is also well known for the Doha Development Round or Doha Development Agenda . It is the current trade-negotiation round of the World Trade Organization, commenced in November 2001. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 23 -

  26. 1 1 8 Places In The News ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Translate the following sentence intoKorean. 33. They found children see on TV fast food commercials account foras much as 23 percent of the food-related ads. (해석) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 24 -

  27. 1 1 9 TOEFL Reading * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. isabove, greater, switches, the amount of, ability to - 25 -

  28. 1 1 9 TOEFL Reading ▶Reading Comprehension How Is Snow Made? What makes it snow? Well, the story begins far into the heavens. Water vapor deep in the sky undergoes the process of deposition. Deposition occurs when water vapor in air below 0℃ switches straight into ice without existing as a liquid. The chances of snow depend greatly on geography. In general, the higher the altitude, the greater chance it will snow. If one lives on top of a high mountain, he or she will experience snow earlier than in other lower places. Although the ability to forecast snow continues to improve, predicting when and where it will snow is still difficult. The actual area where snow will fall can be significantly smaller than the area predicted by today’s technology available. Also, extremely small differences in temperature define the boundary line between rain and snow. Depending on atmospheric conditions, the amount of water contained in snow can differ dramatically between snowfalls. A large snowfall can sometimes occur even if the air on the ground is above freezing. Thus, snow will form in the atmosphere, and drift toward the ground’s higher temperature. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 26 -

  29. 1 1 9 TOEFL Reading ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Make a sentence. You can change the form of the following English words. 31. 실수를 많이 할수록, 당신은 더 많이 배울 것이다. (make mistakes, learn) . 32. 더 많이 가질수록, 우리는 더 많은 것을 원한다. (have, want) . 33. 나는 네 엄마를 잊으려고 노력할수록, 더 보고 싶어. (hard, forget, miss, much) . - 27 -

  30. 1 1 10 Economy * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. that, such a deal, who, to keep, as - 28 -

  31. 1 1 10 Economy ▶Reading Comprehension IMF To Aid Ireland Ireland has agreed to a bailout from the IMF after heavy selling of Ireland’s bonds pushed up yields on its debt. The Irish government has been denying the fact that Ireland will get IMF support, but as the situation got tougher, they had to accept a bailout offer. The European Union and IMF bailout package for Ireland will total 85 billion (US$114 billion) over three years to fight the government deficit according to Irish public broadcaster RTE said. RTE’s figure amounts to roughly 20,000 per Irish citizen. However, some economists argue that even more could be needed to keep the country afloat. “The package would see the level of capital in the Irish banks being increased from eight to 12 percent in a move to bolster confidence of depositors in the financial system,” RTE said. Such a deal would see the Irish government increase its stake in banks that received the funding. The Financial Times said the government would end up with a majority stake in Bank of Ireland. Due to the collapse of the Irish economy citizens expressed their anger. They harshly criticized the government and banks for incompetence and irresponsibility. “The government and banks are the ones who should be responsible for the crisis but it’s the citizens who will pay for all the losses through burdening more tax,” said one citizen in Dublin. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 29 -

  32. 1 1 10 Economy ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Write a sentence in English following the guideline. 33. 존은 그의 팀이 다른 팀들보다 더 약하다는 사실을 인정할 수 밖에 없었다. *구문: can’t help~ing ~할 수 밖에 없다 *Hint 단어 : accept, weak, other teams John . - 30 -

  33. 1 2 1 National News * 총 30문항, 각 문제당 3.3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. supplied, confusion, will, consists of, are - 31 -

  34. 1 2 1 National News ▶Reading Comprehension English Names of ‘Hansik’ Menus Foreign visitors in Korea will be able to order Korean dishes more easily as the government released a finalized set of English translations for popular ‘hansik’ menus recently. This is in line with the nation’s efforts to promote the globalization of Korean food. The list consists of standardized names and simple descriptions of a total of 124 dishes and simple recipes. This will be published and supplied to local and overseas Korean restaurants. An e-book format on the Web will also be available, according to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. With the new standardized list, foreigners will be able to avoid confusion and misunderstanding when they order Korean dishes and cuisines. Expanded editions containing more kinds of dishes in other foreign languages such as French and Spanish are also planned, according to the ministry. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 32 -

  35. 1 2 1 National News ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the one that is grammatically correct. 28. A group __________ of distinguished medical researchers from around the world will be meeting in Hong Kong to form a joint research project on organ transplant therapies. (a) consist (b) consisting (c) will consist (d) to be consisted 29. We will see robots, which can swim as well as crawl on the seabed, in the near future. (a) be able to (b) had to (c) was going to (d) should 30. To avoid unnecessary and , however, it needs to make a decision promptly. (a) confusion - misunderstand (b) procedure – decide (c) confusion - conflict (d) considerate - effective - 33 -

  36. 1 2 2 AP/Reuters * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. to be, a personal, which, will not, other - 34 -

  37. 1 2 2 AP/Reuters ▶Reading Comprehension Queen On Facebook? Queen Elizabeth II is now on Facebook. But you will not be able to add her to your list of friends. The 84-year-old British queen has joined the social networking site, which boasts 500 million users worldwide. The British queen and other members of the royal family will be featured in videos, photos and news items. The Queen’s page will also offer daily updates on her and the royal family’s appointments. The royal Facebook does not have a personal profile, so users cannot ask the royals to be their Facebook “friend”; instead they can click to “like” the page. The page can be found at ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 35 -

  38. 1 2 2 AP/Reuters ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Read the following sentence. Then correct the sentence. 24. She is the secretary which works in the Korean branch. 25. The students whom cheated on the test had to leave the room. - 36 -

  39. 1 2 3 Entertainment * 총 25문항, 각 문제당 4점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. working for, every, fascinating, named, but - 37 -

  40. 1 2 3 Entertainment ▶Reading Comprehension 'Athena' Captivates Drama Fans The new SBS TV action series “Athena” is making headlines, with eye-catching action from some of the nation’s top TV stars cast as spies. It is the new spin-off of the KBS’s previous action blockbuster hit spy series “Iris” which aired in 2009. The drama revolves around an intelligence agency named the National anti-Terrorist Service (NTS) and a terrorist group called Athena. It stars top TV celebrities including Jung Woo-sung, SooAe, Cha Seung-won, E Ji-ah, Kim Min-jong, and Yoo Dong-geun. Jung Woo-sung makes his return to the small screen, playing the main character Lee Jeong-woo, a handsome elite secret agent working for the National anti-Terrorist Service (NTS). Actress Su Ae stars as YunHae-in, a beautiful but mysterious NTS agent and E Ji-ah plays the role of Han Jae-hee, another female NTS agent. Cha plays bad guy Sohn Hyeok, the East Asian manager of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a ruthless and bad individual. Along with action, the drama also presents fascinating scenes to viewers shot in four different parts of the world, including Hawaii, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. First aired on Dec. 13, “Athena” is on TV every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 38 -

  41. 1 2 3 Entertainment ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Expressions ☞ Translate the each sentence into Korean. 25. That product is a big hit on the market thanks to its eye-catching design. . - 39 -

  42. 1 2 4 Sports * 총 30문항, 각 문제당 3.3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. the other, told, even, was marred, races - 40 -

  43. 1 2 4 Sports ▶Reading Comprehension Alonso Wins F1 Korean Grand Prix Fernando Alonso of Ferrari snatched the inaugural Formula One Korean Grand Prix held in Yeongam, South Jeolla Province on Oct. 24. The Spanish driver captured the win in front of 80,000 spectators with a time of two hours 48 minutes 20.810 seconds in the rain soaked Yeongam circuit. This is his 26th career win. “This is the first wet race that I won, so I am even happier,” Alonso said. Lewis Hamilton of McLaren finished second, another Ferrari driver Felipe Massa came in at third. Michael Schumacher of Mercedes GP finished fourth. The seven time world champion equalized his best record of the season. The race was marred by the rain and nine drivers including this season’s drivers’ championship leader Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, the former championship leader, were not able to overcome the bad weather conditions and finish the race. “Totally my mistake. Wasn’t my day,” Webber told the BBC. “This is my second non- finish of the year. There are still two races to go, I’ll do my absolute best,” the Red Bull ace said. Now, just a pair of races --one in Brazil and the other one in Abu Dhabi remains in the current 2010 season. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 41 -

  44. 1 2 4 Sports ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Structure ☞ Choose the correct answers. 26. By accident, I [founded / found] that the window [has broken / had been broken]. 27. This unique style was [played by / played as] both black and white musicians. George [has been fascinated / has fascinated] by animals and animal stories. Woolton Pie [consists of / be consisted of] a mixture of boiled vegetables covered in white sauce with mashed potato on the top. I’m sure that you will [be interested in / be interesting by] the objective of our committee. - 42 -

  45. 1 2 5 Culture * 총 30문항, 각 문제당 3.3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. take, consecutively, turned out, have gained, like playing, from - 43 -

  46. 1 2 5 Culture ▶Reading Comprehension Harry Potter, Most Popular Book for College Students The most-favored book among Korean college students turned out to be the famed ‘Harry Potter’ series. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology reveals that the ‘Harry Potter’ series ranked high in the list of books borrowed from the libraries of major universities in Seoul including Korea University, Sogang University, Yonsei University and EwhaWomans’ University from January 2008 to July 2010. A series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter books have gained immense popularity around the world since the release of the first novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ in 1997. The last four books have consecutively set records as the fastest-selling books in history. Aside from Harry Potter books, Japanese novels and other works by Japanese writers were also popular among college students, according to the report. ’Siggaek’ by Hur Young-man and ‘Namhansanseong’ by Kim Hoon were some of the works by Korean authors added in the list. "The young generation of today doesn’t take reading books as a serious matter. For them, it is like playing games or watching movies,“ a critic said, explaining the boom of fantasy novels among college students. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 44 -

  47. 1 2 5 Culture ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶Structure ☞ Choose the one that is NOT grammatically correct. 29. In 1957, the Medical Research Council officiallyhas accepted the direct connection between [a] [b] [c] smoking and lung cancer. [d] 30. Since its foundingin 1984, Fin Computer sold computers directly to customers. [a] [b] [c] [d] - 45 -

  48. 1 2 6 Issue & Debate * 총 33문항, 각 문제당 3점씩 배점 ▶Word Check ☞ Write the meanings of the words. ▶Phrase Check ☞ Choose the correct word or phrase for each blank. to allow, whether, for, to be made, that, enough - 46 -

  49. 1 2 6 Issue & Debate ▶Reading Comprehension Opening Seoul Plaza to Rallies Seoul Plaza located at the heart of Korea’s capital city is stirring up a feud between the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Metropolitan Council over whether or not it should be open to ralliers. The debate flared up after the Seoul Metropolitan Council, dominated by main opposition Democratic Party members, recently announced a revised ordinance that allows all kinds of rallies at Seoul Plaza. The council says that it is necessary to allow the free use of the Seoul Plaza to all people. Doing so guarantees the constitutional rights of the people to assemble and express their thoughts freely without restriction. It stresses that Seoul Plaza is a symbolic place of Korean democracy and a place of peace and harmony. The plaza has been used as the citizens’ place to denounce authoritarian leadership in quest for democracy in the past. Mayor Oh Se-hoon vetoed the ordinance and the city administration opposes the move, claiming that large-scale rallies at the plaza could turn political and violent, risking the safety of pedestrians and drivers. Also, the plaza is too close to the U.S. Embassy, so allowing rallies in the plaza is against the current law that bans gatherings within 100 meters of diplomatic institutions, it adds. The administration also states that the plaza should be a place for citizens to relax by enjoying the vast grass area, not being disturbed by clashes and noisy rallying cries. Regarding these concerns, the council refutes by arguing that more than 10 million Seoulites are now mature enough to know how to use public assets. While the tension grows between both sides, a poll of 1,000 people showed that 52.9 percent back the council’s decision. Meanwhile, the city government said it will file an administrative suit against the council and the final decision is to be made by the Supreme Court. ☞ Choose the best answer based on the article. - 47 -

  50. 1 2 6 Issue & Debate ☞ Write True(T) or False(F). ▶ Composition ☞ Make a sentence. You can change the form of the following English words. 33. 그는 너무 많은 책임을 떠맡을 정도로 성숙하지 않다. (take responsibility, mature, enough, too much) → . - 48 -