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Positive Behavior Supports PowerPoint Presentation
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Positive Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Supports

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Positive Behavior Supports

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  1. Positive Behavior Supports

    The Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville Way Ruth Crowell, PBS Team Coach
  2. What is Positive Behavior Supports? Margaret K. Lewis School is in its sixth year as a Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) School. PBS gives people a new way to think about behavior. On a school-wide level, PBS relies on accurate and reliable discipline referral data to understand the behaviors occurring across campus. The PBS process is a team-based approach that relies on a strong collaboration between families and professionals from a variety of disciplines.
  3. What is Positive Behavior Supports? PBS provides a positive and effective alternative to the traditional methods of discipline. PBS methods are research-based and proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors in the school, resulting in a more positive school climate and increased academic performance.
  4. Successful School Programs Have clear rules Teach students alternative responses to misbehavior Deter violent behavior with clear consequences Use data to make decisions Emphasize academics U.S. Department of Education (1998). Safe, Drug-free Schools for All Students: What Works. American Institutes for Research, Washington, DC
  5. What is a school-wide intervention? A clear set of standards that define behavioral expectations An overall framework that allows for a consistent and predictable staff response to students’ behavior A positive step toward fostering self-management A resource for consistent decision-making
  6. Common Features of School-wide Interventions Clearly defined rules and expectations Directly taught rules and expectations to students Provided multiple opportunities for practicing appropriate responses Directly taught consequences Consistently followed through
  7. Data, what data? Loss of Instructional Time Report
  8. Are you Able to answer this question? What are the school-wide expectations for Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville students and staff?
  9. What are the school-wide expectations for Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville students and staff?
  10. . The index fingers make a loop as the hand moves away from the side of the face. This could be thought of as a variation of the sign ANNOUNCE.
  11. What are the school-wide expectations for Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville students and staff?
  12. The sign for HOPE while looking toward the future.
  13. What are the school-wide expectations for Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville students and staff?
  14. The sign EXCITE is made with A hand shapes.
  15. What are the school-wide expectations for Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville students and staff?
  16. The hands pushing down on the shoulder represent the weight of responsibility.
  17. Students and staff are encouraged to recite a pledge that describes what is expected. I promise to SOAR like an MKL EAGLE.I am Successful and do my best.I am Optimistic about myself and others.I am Ambitious and work hard.I am Responsible for my actions.I am an MKL SOARing EAGLE.
  18. Expectations and Pledge
  19. School-wide Expectations are met by following the Rules There are rules for each of these areas: Bus Waiting Playground Cafeteria Hallway Library Gym Classrooms
  20. Bus Waiting Rules Be ready to load your bus. Use a quiet voice. Stay at your bus table and keep your hands, feet and objects to self.
  21. Playground Rules Play well together. Listen to staff. Always stay inside the playground. You are responsible for your actions.
  22. Cafeteria Rules Eat first, talk later. Always use good table manners. Take care of your personal space.
  23. Hallway Rules Watch where you are going. Always have a quiet voice. Listen to staff. Keep hands and feet to self.
  24. Library Rules Be on time. Obey librarian and staff. Only use computers with permission. Keep books clean and dry. Scan your book to check out.
  25. Gym Rules Go to and from the gym quietly and orderly. You need to line up along the wall. Make sure you participate in P.E.
  26. Mrs. Denman’s Classroom Rules Will to work. Obey teachers. Responsible for my actions. Keep hands, objects and feet to self.
  27. Business Partners Naval Diving and Salvage Training School Eagle of the Month Assembly
  28. Business Partners Gulf Power Transformers School-wide Events
  29. School-wide Events The PBS Team will be hosting a series of events throughout the year for students who have demonstrated SOARing behavior. To be admitted to the event, each student will have to earn four wooden nickels. Each nickel represents a school-wide expectation – Successful, Optimistic, Ambitious, or Responsible.
  30. School-wide Events
  31. Yes, we still need volunteers! March 19, 2010 Carnival April 16, 2010 Western Day May 21 Teacher Follies-Staff performances
  32. MKLM PBS Team Susan Barthelemy, Elementary Department Rita Carlson, Secondary Department Sue Denman, Independent Department Judy Griffith, Communication Department Diana Keisker, District Representative Beth Lawrence, Paraprofessionals Elizabeth Parker, Administration