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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management. Integrated Pest Management. What pests are we talking about?. ▸ Weeds ▸ Insects ▸ Disease ▸ Rodents ▸ Birds ▸ Many others. IPM. What is it?. IPM. What is it?. ▸ Keep pest populations below economic thresholds. IPM. What is it?.

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Integrated Pest Management

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  1. Integrated Pest Management

  2. Integrated Pest Management What pests are we talking about? ▸Weeds ▸Insects ▸Disease ▸Rodents ▸Birds ▸Many others

  3. IPM What is it?

  4. IPM What is it? ▸Keep pest populations below economic thresholds

  5. IPM What is it? ▸Keep pest populations below economic thresholds ▸Avoid negative effects on humans, wildlife and the environment

  6. IPM Economic Injury Level Point where pest control equals the value of damage by the pest

  7. IPM Economic Threshold Number of insects per plant or percent disease that economically justifies the use of control measures

  8. IPM Scouting - The key to successful IPM!

  9. IPM Scout Someone who regularly monitors pest populations and crop conditions

  10. IPM Scouting What kinds of pests? Stage of Life? #’s decreasing or increasing? What kind of damage is being done?

  11. IPM Methods of Control ▸Cultural ▸Mechanical ▸Variety Selection ▸Biological Control ▸Regulatory Control ▸Chemical Control

  12. IPMMethods of Control Cultural ▸Makes the environment unsuitable for pests •rotating crops •burying crop residues •change planting dates •draining wet areas •use certified seed

  13. IPMMethods of Control Mechanical ▸By hand ▸cultivation

  14. IPMMethods of Control Variety Selection ▸Choosing resistant plants

  15. IPMMethods of Control Biological Control ▸Using living organisms to reduce pest population •ladybugs •wasps •Bt corn •many other insects

  16. IPMMethods of Control Regulatory Control ▸Inspections and quarantines •animals, plants, vehicles •at national and state borders

  17. IPMMethods of Control Chemical Control ▸Use of chemicals to optimize control •should be used only after all other types of controls have been explored

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