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El Salvador A-Z PowerPoint Presentation
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El Salvador A-Z

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El Salvador A-Z
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El Salvador A-Z

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  1. El Salvador A-Z By: Alexandra Gutierrez Grade 5-ESL

  2. A is for Agriculture El Salvador’s agricultural products are: • Sugarcane • Corn • Coffee • Rice • Shrimp

  3. B is for Bordering Countries El Salvador’s bordering countries are Guatemala and Honduras.

  4. C is for Climate El Salvador’s climate is tropical.

  5. D is for Departments In El Salvador , there are no states. They are called Departments. There are 14 Departments in El Salvador.

  6. E is for El Salvadorans The people in El Salvador are called Salvadorans

  7. F is for Flag There are two flags in El Salvador. But the National flag was adopted on September 15, 1912.

  8. G is for Government Mauricio Funes is the president since June 1, 2009.

  9. H is for the Highest Mountain The highest mountain in El Salvador is Volcán de Santa Ana. It is 7,814 feet.

  10. I is for Izote The Izote is the National flower in El Salvador.

  11. J is for Joya de Cerén • It means Jewel of Cerén • It was a farming community in 900 B.C. • It is an archeological site

  12. K is for Key Facts • Population: 6,071,774 • Became a country in 1841 • Capital city: San Salvador • Name of currency (money) : U.S dollar • Famous Landmarks: Jardín Botanico, Tazumal Archeological site

  13. L is for Language El Salvador’s official language is Spanish

  14. M is for Moquilishuat The Moquilishuat is the national tree in El Salvador.

  15. N is for Natural Resources The Natural Resources that are found in El Salvador are gold, silver, and quartz.

  16. O is for Ocean El Salvador only has one bordering ocean: the Pacific Ocean

  17. P is for Pupusas Pupusas are a national specialty.

  18. Q is for Quinceañera Is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in some parts of Latin America.

  19. R is for Rivers El Salvador has more than 300 rivers ,but their courses are short.

  20. S is for San Salvador El Salvador’s capital city is San Salvador.

  21. T is for Torogoz The Torogoz, is the national bird in El Salvador.

  22. U is for Usulután Usulután is one of the departments of El Salvador.

  23. V is for Volcanoes There are 6 volcanoes in El Salvador. El Salvador is located on the Ring of Fire.

  24. W is for Wars There have been a lot of Civil Wars in El Salvador.

  25. X is for teXtiles In San Sebastian it’s a tradition for some men to weave tablecloths, bedspreads and napkins. They are handmade on a loom.

  26. Y is for Yes Yes! El Salvador is located on the continent of North America.

  27. Z is for Zoo The National zoo of El Salvador, is different from the others because it was built especially to match the animals’ original habitat.