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  1. MILK Determination of specific gravity. Determination of density serves to discover if the milk is watered or if the flat lacks in the milk. This control we effect by special instruments ( Lattodensimetri) Determination of cryoscopic index. Determination of cryoscopic index serves to discover if the milk is watered. This control we effect by a special instrument called Winter’s cryoscopic.

  2. Determination of the flat. This determination serves to part the flat and to measure its volume. This control we effect by Gerbes’ method. Determination of the nitrogenous substances. With this determination we can to measure the fraction responsible of the cheese. This control we effect by Kjeldahl’s method.

  3. BUTTER Butter has composed of fat substance of milk. Conservation of the butter. To have good conservation of this product we execute this procedure: Washing and Mixed; Salting; Addiction of antiseptics; 4. Refrigeration; 5. Dehydration. Determination of the flat. The components of butter are dissolved in sulfuric acid and amyl alcohol and their volume in assessed in a test-tube. This control we effect with Gerbes’ method.

  4. Determination of reichert-meissl-wollny and polenske’s indexes. The index R.M.W. is gived of the quantity of alkaline solution that it serves to neutralize the soluble fat acids in water. The Polenske’s index is gived of the quantity of alkaline solution that it serves to neutralize the insoluble fat acids. Butter’s substitutes Butter’s substitutes are Margarines. They are food fatties emulsified with water or lean milk that they imitate butter’s characteristic.

  5. CHEESE Cheese is the product drawn milk by means of coagulation of casein from. Cheese production technology. These are the factors that condition the preparation of different types of cheese: Acidity of milk; Velocity of coagulation; Seasoning. Preparation of cheese include these stages: Preparation of milk; Heating and coagulation of milk; Separation of the serum from coagulum; Moulding, Squeezing, Salting, Pressing; Maturation of curd.

  6. TYPES OF CHEESE Mozzarella Stracchino Scamorza

  7. Provolone Groviera Pecorino Mascarpone

  8. Parmigiano Ricotta