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“ Out of this World ” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ Out of this World ”

“ Out of this World ”

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“ Out of this World ”

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  1. “Out of this World” by Ali Sparkes

  2. Ali Sparkes Shapeshifter Unleashed Wishful Thinking Switch

  3. Tyrone isn't having a good day. He's just had clunky metal braces attached to his teeth and the school bullies have seriously got it in for him. But things start to look up after he finds a weird lump of metallic rock in the woods.  
 The very next day he discovers he is telekinetic. He can move things just with the power of his mind! Could this be something to do with the rock... the stuff he's named Miganium?

  4. Soon Ty's special ability is causing him serious problems and within two days of finding it he is on the run, helped by countryside ranger Sam, as government suits chase him across the country.  
 But Ty's not alone. There are others who have found Miganium too - and had their lives turned upside down.

  5. Bob, the plucky pensioner who's just seen off a gang of thieves, Tania, the hairdresser who's saved a man from being crushed and Darren the slightly septic busker, who thought floating a microwave as a new form of busking might be a good idea...  
 Together they must evade capture, work out why some freaky guy in a tracksuit keeps following them, find out what the Miganium is really doing to them... and what they must do with it.

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  7. Extract Pages 15-17

  8. Themes/Teaching ideas The Outsider/Bullying Celebrity culture/tabloid culture Nature Family relationships Being resourceful Mystery solving

  9. Themes/Teaching ideas Empathy writing (Prose/Play/Poetry) as Tyrone Anti-bullying charter/poster/webpage Discursive(s): Is being different bad? Should stand by and watch? Ideas? Artwork: Bullied/The Bully/…. Drama: Freeze frames/hotseating Mystery writing; design mystery game What would you do next? Agony aunt column Alternative book cover/book blurb

  10. An excellent READ! Enjoy!