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Life On the Frontier PowerPoint Presentation
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Life On the Frontier

Life On the Frontier

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Life On the Frontier

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  1. Wild Wild West Life On the Frontier

  2. Clothing Colonial Frontier Log Cabins Conestoga Wagons Frontier VS Today Presbyterians Medicine Native Enemies Fur Trade Daniel Boone Fighting French Pioneers Appalachian Mountains Scots-Irish

  3. Clothing Women’s Clothing Men’s Clothing

  4. Men’s Clothing The men from the old west wore cowboy hats. They also wore long pants and a shirt. They wore long coats over top of their shirts.

  5. Women’s Clothing The women wore long dresses. They also wore bonnets with their hair usually pulled up.

  6. Medicine The medicine of the old west was mostly plants and animal parts thrown together.

  7. Log Cabins The common house was a log cabin because of the natural resource of lots of timber.

  8. Fur Trade Beaver pelts were famous for the oil in their fur. Native Americans traded their pelts for metal weapons.

  9. Native Enemies Native Americans got angry as the settlers started taking over their land which caused wars and disagreements.

  10. Scots-Irish The Scots-Irish lived on the frontier because they were used to the conditions such as getting their own food and making their own clothes.

  11. Pioneers The pioneers had to be tough to live on the frontier because they had to do everything on their own. They were not close to any kind of society so everything was handmade.

  12. French The French explorers were seeking a northwest passage to China. In the wilderness they were trying to find riches and furs.

  13. Appalachian Mountains The Appalachian Mountains made it harder for settlers to travel through the backcountry. They were like a border line for the frontier.

  14. Conestoga Wagons The Conestoga wagon is a heavy vehicle that carries freight which was founded in the region of Pennsylvania in 1725. Farmers used the wagons to carry big loads of products long distances.

  15. Presbyterians Presbyterians believe that God comes to us with grace and love in the person of Jesus Christ who lived, died, and rose for us so that we might have eternal life.

  16. Daniel Boone Daniel Boone was born in November of 1734 in a log cabin near Reading, Pennsylvania. He spent most of his life exploring the American frontier.

  17. Colonial VS Today The west today is Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California. The western frontier in the colonial times was in or near the Appalachian Mountains. End Show