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  2. WESTERN AUSTRALIA The flag: The Western Australian flag has the union jack and the black swan witch represents it is the only state in Australia that has the black swan’s. The land mark of W.A is kings park.

  3. South Australia The fauna emblem Common names: northern/Queensland hairy nosed wombat. Size: 48kb Weight: 18 to 35 kg Height:75 to 100 cm

  4. Northern Territory The northern territory is one of two mainland Australian Territory, it is not a state. At Federation, the Northern Territory did not yet exist. From 1825 to 1863, the Northern Territory was part of New south wales, and from 1863 to 1911 it was part of South Australia. This resulted from the successful 1862 expedition of John McDougall to find an overland route though the dessert from Adelaide to north.

  5. Queensland Fraser island is the worlds largest sand island. The island is 123 kilometres long and covers an area of 1840 square kilometres. There is more sand on Fraser island than in any of the world’s deserts. Fraser island was declared a world heritage site in 1992. The island is famous for it’s long , sandy beaches , lush rainforest and freshwater lakes.

  6. New South Wales Sydney is the home of the huge bridge that’s right you guest it the Sydney Harbour Bridge its so high it is equal to about the surface of 60 footy fields. Sydney is also home of the Sydney Oprah House witch has ballet, amazing musicals and Oprah.

  7. Tasmania The floral emblem is the Tasmanian blue gum. The animal emblem is the Tasmanian Devil. The capital city is Hobart.

  8. Australian Capital Territory The Royal Bluebell was announced as the floral emblem of the Australia Capital Territory on 26th march 1882 by the Hon. Michael Hodgman , the minister of Capital Territory.

  9. Victoria Federation square has more than 2000 events a year. It is also Melbourne’s most prominent meeting place and a unique cultural precinct witch brings together a creative mix of attractions, museums and galleries.

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