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  1. Australia “Advance Australia” Click here to begin the show! Chase

  2. Australia • Australia is located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean (32.3456° S and 141.4346° E). Originally populated by the native people 50,000 years ago, Australia is now one of the most urbanized countries in the world. But Australia also is blessed with natural beauty such as wildlife parks, beautiful natural landscapes, and the one and only Great Barrier Reef Map of Australia Australian Damper Bread Traditional Aboriginal Costume

  3. Tetsuya’s Sydney Come to see the Sydney Opera House where you can enjoy viewing the world renowned venue. Also, take a climb on the world’s widest long-span bridge for 3 hours! And then, when you get hungry, eat at one of the best restaurants in Sydney, Tetsuya’s, but make sure you reserve tables in advance! Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge

  4. Kangaroo Island Remarkable Rocks • Visit the Kangaroo Island wildlife park where at the Hanson Bay Sanctuary, you can view koalas and kangaroos in their natural habitat, at Seal Bay see one of the last sea lion breeding colonies in the world, and at Finder’s Chase, see wind and sea sculpted works of art like Admiral’s Arch and Remarkable Rocks. Seal Bay Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

  5. The Great Barrier Reef • Here at one of the world’s seven natural wonders, with over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays, there is more than you can cover in one trip. But, you can take a stroll White haven Beach, dubbed Australia’s best beach, visit Lizard Island, a very sacred island to the aboriginal people, and dive at Heron Island, which has 22 different dive sites such as Blue Pools, Coral Cascades, and Heron Boomies. Lizard Island Heron Island White Haven Beach

  6. Thank You For Your Time! And come and visit Australia!

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