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Research for the Final Task. PowerPoint Presentation
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Research for the Final Task.

Research for the Final Task.

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Research for the Final Task.

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  1. Research for the Final Task.

  2. Questionnaires.

  3. Analysis. • From my humble analysis, I found out that teenagers get to prefer action movies, as they like adrenaline. A more young-adult person prefers instead the adrenaline of horror, and a more mature one likes comedy, as it makes their life happier. • Teenagers value more the director’s job on action scenes, young-adults get to prefer a very good and interesting plot, while adults just like if Adam Sandler is on the movie. • As a conclusion, I could notice that my audience prefered an ineffable opening, in which you get excited from the very begin, that you don’t feel bored by just watching.

  4. Notes on film openings.

  5. Fenómeno Siniestro. • Wide shots from 1st person view. • Darkness, but used night glasses to add to setting’s mood. • Diegetic sound: screaming, a lot of it. • States background history on why they are there. • Suspense non-diegetic sounds when entering into a room, used to increase tension. -...who are you? How did you get in here?

  6. The Human Centipede 2. • Establishing shot of his office. • Close-up of the man’s face. • A stalker/assassin defined by his actions as a security guard for his own benefit. • Light and movie in general) has a dark pale color; blood looks semi-black. • Shows stalker’s obsession on accomplishing his dream of accomplishing what the doctor at The Human Centipede 1 did; a paradox. • Diegetics sounds are the only ones used in the opening (and the entire movie), as screams come from the actors.

  7. Lovely Bones. • Close-up shot of the victim (Samie Salmon) giving you foreshadowing as she relates how her life was happy, but finishes with the date in which she was killed by her neighbor. • Light colors are used throughout the first scenes, before reaching the shot of the picture, in which everything gets darker (which is when she is killed). • Non-diegetic sounds are used as ethereal sounds during her speech. • Uses high angle shots to show her as the victim, and low angle shots to show him as the victimary.

  8. Conclusion-Film Openings.

  9. As a conclusion, after seeing these three horror movies fully (but paying special attention to the opening), I could notice they get to rely on the setting in which everything happens, they use good dark-lightning techniques, as we could see on “fenomeno siniestro”, they primarily centered on the darkness and the sensation of recording with night glasses, which would make you feel unease, as you will be able to see what obscurity hides. For instance, “the human centipede”relied on a gray dark lightning that made everything more serious, scary, and uneasy for the audience, as you feel the dark theme affects your mentality all together with the man’s obsessive actions. The opening of “Lovely Bones” used at the began light colors of the character to show her purity and innocence, but changed to dark color when the neighbor was introduced to show that he is a threat. • On this way, it can be concluded they all relied on lightning, but shots defined who was the evil and who was the good one. • Close-up shots on “The Human centipede’s” man and the neighbor in “lovely bones” expressions, showed their malicious desire to harm others. The suspense diegetic sounds on all the movies made you feel alert, you felt you were inside of there, you felt it was all real and that it could happen to you, they all definitely used good shots and lightning techniques (with thrilling sounds) that make you jump out from your chair.