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Research Task

Research Task

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Research Task

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  1. Research Task HOT FUZZ

  2. Audience Expectations? • From the Trailer the audience would most likely be expecting and comedic action film. • People would be expecting to see information of when the film is coming out. • People would be expecting to see what actors are in the film.

  3. Codes And Conventions? • The codes and conventions of a trailer is to create some sort of suspense so the audience will want to go out and watch the film. • Hot Fuzz does this by showing very short parts of the film one after the other showing the comedic and action side of the film drawing audiences. • The short comedic and action parts that Hot Fuzz’s trailer show make the audience have a laugh whilst also seeing the serious action thrilling parts that create suspense.

  4. Target Audience? • From the trailer the target audience Hot Fuzz is possibly trying to reach an audience that likes the genre of the film and aimed at mainly males between the ages of 17-32 years as it contains moderate violence.

  5. Techniques Used To Engage The Audience? • Camera Shots: Were mostly Close-ups and Medium shots with tracking shots and some panning shots and reverse zoom. • Sound: Mostly diegetic conversation with some background music and voiceover. • Voiceover: Deep voice who points out main bits and says the written text from the trailer, who speaks occasionally and in very short sentences. • Tempo/Speed: Fast paced Tempo/Speed added with fast music and whooshing sounds. • Editing: Quick cuts, Shot-Reverse-Shot, Match on Action, Explosion CGI. • Link of Images/Sound/Voiceover: Voiceover says things that appear on the screen in text and says things when the corresponding scene is shown.

  6. How Does It Tease And Temp You To Go Watch The Film? Does It Work? • The Trailer teases and tempts you by showing very quick cuts of scenes showing both aspects of the film; Comedy and Action in short bits leaving suspense. Also it keeps the scenes of comedy and Action going back and forth. • This works well as it gives people a glimpse of the film in just over 2 minuets also it refers to it being created by the people who made Shaun of The Dead which was a really popular film making the audience want to go and watch the whole film.

  7. How Effective is The Trailer? • The trailer is very effective as it gives you a very clear idea of what the film is about and the genre and draws the audience in with the comedy, this makes the audience want to watch the film.

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