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  2. Photoshop can be used to change the original image to look more appealing to the audience. This woman’s eyes have been changed to make them appear a more striking blue colour and the white parts of her eyes have been brightened to make her eyes stand out from the rest of her face. Her skin comes across more flawless in the second picture as all of her blemishes have been removed and her skin looks less patchy. In the second image her skin is almost glowing giving her a more youthful look and her skin tone has been lightened to make her look perfect. I would use similar Photoshop methods in my magazine cover to make the pictures stand out and make them more engaging for the audience. BEFORE AFTER

  3. Photoshop is often used on magazine covers to make certain elements on the page stand out and also make the cover girl/boy look perfect. All of the colours used on the cover of the magazine are consistent (pink and white) which make the magazine look more professional and eye catching. They have Photoshopped her hair to make it appear shinier and also they have used Photoshop to highlight certain parts of her face e.g. her forehead and cheekbones.

  4. The use of Photoshop in this image is evident as it’s not likely that you will come across orange water and green skies. I think that in this image three photos have been merged together to create one and they have used different Photoshop techniques such as blurring, merging and colour effects (contrast and brightness).