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Research Task

Research Task

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Research Task

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  1. Research Task Courtney Forbes-Grey

  2. What Is A Trailer Trailers or previews are film advertisements for feature films that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema, on whose screen they are shown. The term "trailer" comes from their having originally been shown at the end of a feature film screening Source: Wikipedia Trailers are a composition or series of selected shots from a feature film – these shots are put together to promote the film that they are advertising. Trailers do not necessarily show the scenes of the film in order – a reason for this is so that no ‘spoilers’ are created (spoilers are elements of something that reveals plot summary). The maximum length of a trailer is 2.5 minutes (this time allowed by the MPAA).The purpose of a trailer is to attract a potential audience to the film that the trailer is promoting. Due to this, trailers will usually contain the best, most exciting or (the potentially) most notable parts of a film in order to gain interest from an audience e.g. If it is a comedy film trailer, the trailer will consist of the films funniest shots/scenes.

  3. What Makes A Good Trailer? I feel a good trailer is a trailer that can consume and engage the audience – making its target audience encouraged to go and see the film that the trailer is promoting. I feel that like a good film (a good film being one where the cast and the narrative/plot complement one another), a good trailer should be comprised of a great combination of things from a film e.g. Great cast members, great scenes of acting/action and spectacular Special FX. A good trailer should put emphasis on such aspects of a film – bringing the film great interest from consumers before they even see the film in its entirety.

  4. Avatar: The Last Airbender (TRAILER)

  5. What Makes This A Good Trailer? How Does The Trailer Tease And Temp You To Go And Watch The Film? I feel this is a good film trailer. I feel what makes this a good trailer is the scenes which show the special effects. I feel that if the film wasn’t based off a popular TV programme, then something that will definitely attract an audience is the special effects. There are various scenes of

  6. Audience Expectations After watching this trailer, the audience should be able to identify this film as a fantasy adventure/sci-fi. Seeing this trailer, the audience should expect this film to be packed with dramatic action, and amazing special effects which add to the films sense of supernatural e.g. A shot of character producing flames from the palm of his hands A shot of water being risen from its source – supernatural, since water cannot naturally do that

  7. Target Audience After watching this trailer, it can be said that this film is mostly aimed at a young demographic – ranging between the ages of 7 and early/mid-teens. This is most likely to be the case since The Last Airbender is a film based off the children animation, Avatar. This film may also appeal an older demographic, reason being that, this film could be compared/put into the same category as the very successful film Avatar (dir. James Cameron) which attracted an audience of various age groups. Video of a fan reviewing Avatar: The Last Airbender Video is evidence of people of different ages where attracted to the film.

  8. How Effective is the Trailer?