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Research for the final task PowerPoint Presentation
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Research for the final task

Research for the final task

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Research for the final task

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  1. Research for the final task By Joelyce Waiters

  2. Questionnaires

  3. Audience Analysis • From my analysis , I’ve discovered that teen boys really enjoy action movies over any other specific genre while females enjoy movies containing drama. • The value of plot , actors and the director are equally important according to the individuals responses in the questionnaire. No factor is a stronger contributor to appeal to a specific genre than another • The individuals in the questionnaire had a variety of responses on what theyd like to see in the opening scene of their favorite genre and although two of three responses contained action movies the response toward the film opening was still varying from - piscaresque aesthetic sceneries to a fighting scene to the introduction of a intriguing character. From these answers I can suggest that these individuals enjoy peace and suspense .

  4. Notes on Film Openings “You Get Me” • Establishing Shot of the beach • Medium Shot introducing the main character • Bright colors • Calm Non-diagetic music • Point of view shot of the main characters surroundings • Long Shot of couple hugging on the beach • A lot of scenic establishing shots

  5. Notes on Film Openings “ Safe Haven “ • Fast paced Non-Diagetic sound • Establishing shot of a house • Close up shots • Transition suspenseful diagetic sound • Many Tracking shots • Dark/Dim lighting

  6. Notes on Film Openings “The Host “ • Establishing shot of space • Close up shot of the earth • Calming Non-Diagetic music • Close up of multiple faces from all over the globe • Medium shot of a girl surrounded by people • Dark lighting / Barely any light • Narration • Transition to Suspenseful Music

  7. Conclusions on Film Openings • The romance drama films had a lot of similarities and differences in opening style . The first romance film differing the most from the other two romance drama films . The first one seemed to have a more positive opening with bright colors , bright lighting , and sceneary showing happiness , the calm before the storm . The other two romance drama films had a more suspenseful upbeat straight to the point of the drama opening which is portrayed by the dim lighting and dark colors and multiple tracking shots seen in the openings of these films. Although it is noted that ” The Host “ took a more of in the middle approach which would be introducing the peace and the chaos in the opening scene. • One thing all of the films had in common was the soothing , calm non-diagetic sounds at the very beginning of the film. But in “ Safe Haven “ and ” The Host “ this calm non-diagetic sound soon transforms into suspenseful non-diagetic music.

  8. Films that Influenced Me • The films that influenced me was ” You Get Me “ and ” Obsessed “: • These films inspired my film opening because both begin with positive happy vibes of a couple in the beginning and then chaos towards the end . The shift is something so important for me to portray in my film. I would like to incorporate the presence of beautiful scenary in my film opening because “ You Get Me “ showed me that establishing shots can really contribute alot to the atmosphere and understanding of whats going on in the film. Another thing drawn from these films is how im going to utilize lighting colors and calm diagetic music.

  9. Which film company will produce my film ? Temple Hill Productions will produce my film. There were many other great romance drama producing companies such as Summit , Relativity , 20th Century Fox , and Warner Bros but Temple Hill Productions stood out because they’ve produced some of my favorite movies. Temple Film Productions has produced amazing works such as “ Twiglight “ , “ Safe Haven “ , ” Maze Runner “ , and “ The Fault in our stars “. This film company is best fit to produce my film because its name is behind a lot of popular romance movies.