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Ancillary task research

Ancillary task research

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Ancillary task research

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  1. Ancillary task research The Unknown Productions

  2. The unique selling point of this film is the star (Will Smith). This is clear as his name is the only name that appears in this poster and also it is in a white capital font. Another clear convention is Will Smith that star of the film. Although he is not based in the middle of the poster, you can tell that he’s the main character. He is the largest object on the poster which could suggest that he might be the most important ‘thing’ in the film I Am Legend The use of the biological hazard sign suggests that there might be a dangerous disease The title of the film stand out as it is in white fonts in contrast to the dark musty background. This will catch the audiences attention straight away. The smoke and decay in the poster could hint of destruction in the film ‘The last man on earth is not alone’. This could suggest that will smith’s character is the last human on earth so this tagline anchors to what we see in the image . However the audience is left with a sense of enigma as it says ‘is not alone’. This could indicate that there might be something else out there and could also refer back to the hazard sign signs posted on the run down buildings . ‘Coming Soon’ could signify that this poster is a teaser poster as it simply making the audience more hungry by not letting them know the release date of the film

  3. The unique selling point of this film is the star (Leonardo Dicaprio). This is clear as his name is the only one that appears in this poster. The font is also very bold on the poster so it is very noticeable to track his nameand also as he is an A-list actor, he is able to attracts different kinds of audiences to watch the film ‘Your mind is the scene of the crime’. This slogan is used correctly and effectively as it doesn’t give anything away. It is placed in the middle and small compared to the actors name. Inception Another factor that suggest that this film is a thriller is the fact that the setting in this poster is clearly based in an inner city, yet water is up to this persons knee. This also adds the enigma effect From the colour scheme and dull/gloomy clouds/weather used in the poster, the audiences are able to identify the genre of this film which is thriller. The man in this poster is placed in the middle. This could suggest that he could either be the most important character in the film, however as he is placed in the middle of big building, this takes away the fact that he is the most important object in the poster. As this mysterious mans back is facing the audience it doesn’t give away anything the character/role he plays, this could raise enigma to the audience as it is unclear of who this particular person is and why is he important and also why is he holding the gun. The Title of the film ‘Inception’ is a very unusual word. This could make the audience question what the film is about. As the word is mysterious and confusing, the audience might get the feeling that the film might be. This could also be a unique selling point. Another way this poster raises enigma is this low angle shot used on this character. This also makes the audience raise questions about his character and the role he plays in the film

  4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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