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  1. RESEARCH TASK Batman - The Dark Knight

  2. What makes this a good trailer? Straight away from the beginning of the trailer, it already establishes the relationship between two different characters who seem to have some sort of importance in their roles which leads us to think that they are therefore the main characters of this film – determining a hero and a villain(Batman and the Joker). These were the shots from the beginning and they are LS to show their whole body so we can acknowledge who they are and they it was a straight cut from one to another – back to back. The story in this trailer is not told by a narrator but more of the movie itself. Such as conversations and scenes taken out and put together to explain the story – giving an incentive into the film for the audience.

  3. What makes this a good trailer? There are also shots taken from the movie such as explosives and flipping of vehicles to signify action and drama which helps to bring attention to films as these things would need bigger budgets and bigger budgets mean bigger and better films. This would already set up a high expectation for this film and would therefore lead people to watch it.

  4. Target audience? The target audience of this film would be ranging from the ages of 12+ But it is also targeted at the mass audience who have watched relative comic films such as Superman Returns, Spiderman and Iron Man. People who have also watched the last batman few Batman films are being targeted at. Such as the lead up from Batman & Robin, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman Begins. Audience Expectations? Through watching this trailer, the audience would expect commotion and expect it to be ‘action packed’ as this was a sequel followed up from other Batman film(s). The audience would also expect exceptional acting as Heath Ledger who plays the Joker died after recent filming of this movie and was given a lot of credit for the part he had played through other actors and through the media.

  5. The creative aspects.. The creative aspects would be the big explosions that we see and vehicles such as the bat-mobile which is furthermore iconic. A quote that I had come across on states "Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is already one of the most anticipated screen characters of the whole year," says GiteshPandya, editor of the movie tracking site It isn’t just the special effects and amount of action in the film but even the acting that takes on the creativeness of this film.

  6. Techniques used to engage the audience.. In between shots in this trailer, there are just plain black frames with voiceover sound bridges from the Joker and other characters outlining the story which creates suspense and immerses us effectively. All of the action - gun fights, explosions and even the Joker himself has focus on as he says and does a lot of spontaneous dangerous and reckless things. Editing & Sound This trailer is dominated with a lot of straight cuts, dissolves and fade in and out. The tempo starts of slow but then as suspense builds more and action revealed it begins to speed up. Linking this with the sound, there are a lot more anger expressed in shouting, more speech and shooting. Making the atmosphere rather eerie and wild engaging the audience.

  7. Link between images, sound and voiceover.. The colour throughout this trailer from the beginning to the last shot and credits, it is rather dark. This darkness is associated with Batman, the other characters and the storyline. Therefore this colour creates a sceptical ambience. Even the Warner Bros. logo was re-imaged to suit the theme. Through and through each shot, the use of voiceovers from the movie adds to this atmosphere and they all work well together in drawing in the audience.

  8. How does it tease and temp you to go watch the film? As you see all of the drama between the Joker and Batman, you would want to see who somewhat succeeds in this film and personally what would have made me to go and watch it would be the fact that the Joker seems like an interesting character and the actors can temp some to go watch a film as it can be a USP especially if it was an actor that someone likedor was a popular Hollywood actor. Again, if there are people who are interested with action, the shots of explosions, gun fights and aggressiveness can tease someone to see it as what is shown in the trailer would raise expectations.