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research task

research task

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research task

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  1. Saul(& Elaine) Bass Research task By ava

  2. Saul Bass biography • Saul Bass was born may 8. 1920 in the Bronx New York,U.S • He was an graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker he was famous for his design of motion picture title sequences and film posters. • I worked for film industry over 40 years in this time he got to work with several famous filmmakers like, Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger ,Billy Wider. • He became famous after filming the title sequence for Otto Premingers film The Man with the Golden Arm. • He became also recognized after he invented a new type of kinetic typography for the thriller North by Northwest. This was seen as a innovative revolutionary work. • Saul bass worked also as a graphic designer for AT&T • He always wanted to when creating title sequences ’’ to get the audience to see familiar parts in their world in an unfamiliar way ‘’

  3. Elaine Bass Biography • She was Born 1927 New York, her family were immigrants from Hungarian • She is an American filmmaker and title designer • She worked over 40 years with Saul Bass on the side . • 1961 she married Saul Bass and got two children later on • Already in her early life she was interested in art and creating stories as well as drawing them • In the 1960 she created title sequences for 18 movies for example the famous west side story or The victors • On her own she directed for the first time and title opening sequence for Spartacus

  4. Saul & Elaine work • In 1955 Elaine got a job offer for being the assistant for graphic and title design for Saul Bass • Most of Saul Bass work was in close collaboration with Elaine Bass in the 1960s the made title sequences for Walk on the Wild, Nine Hours to Rama, The Victors and so many more . • In 1961 they got married than 3 years later the became the first child named Jennifer and than another 3 years later there second child Jeffery • As they became parents they stopped doing title sequences and became more focused on being parents • In that time they started to create short films one of them was Why Man Creates which won an Oscar. • Later in the 80s they returned back to title sequences which they created together for example, Broadcast News, Higher Learning • Their last title sequence they created together was Casino • After The death of Saul Bass 1996 Elaine worked with Pablo Ferro on opening sequences for the remake of psycho

  5. Youtube video

  6. Titel Sequence (The Age of Innocence) 1993 • The sequence starts with a non diegetic sound which sounds elegant and intense. • At the start it just shows a black and the names of people involved in white • Then the backround changes to a calligraphic text which changes colors from blue to red • Then a Flower appears that is growing in time laps in the middle of the screen appears than the name of the movie • In the whole sequence we get to see different flowers different colors growing where it overlays a layer of lace

  7. What is the title sequence representing • The movie is about late nineteenth-century sexuality in the New York high society. Overall to say the movie is about love,yearning and suppressed desire. • As flowers are representing love romantic and a growing flower represents growing up learning new things developing etc. • The colors are pink, red ,orange all colors that are associatet with love. • The name of the movie is Age of Innocence the flower is representing the innocence that is disappearing when growing • The backround music is perfectly matched with the theme of the movie as the soundtrack is intense and still classic and noble • Overall you can say that the title sequence is representing the beauty and hidden passion behind these flowers that are connected to the movie idea about young romantic love. • For the audience when they watching the sequence they get the idea that the movie has to do with love and passion.