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  1. Poems By: Emiliano Mesa Uribe 7.5

  2. WildrnessRivers swiftand light, flickthatcurrent in theirflight. I havefelt myheart beat high, Watching withexultanteye, thosepurerivers whichhaveknown no will, no purposebuttheirown and welcomingbrink, with no millwheel, everturning, in thatcold relentlesschurning. Onlydeer and bear and mink at thoseshallows coetodrink, onlypaddles, There are rivers thatI know, born of ice and meltingsnow, whitewithrapids, swifttoroar, with no farms alongtheir shore, with no cattle come todrink at a staid

  3. TheChildrensHour A whisper, and then a silence: Yet I knowbytheirmerryeyes They are plotting and planningtogether Totake me bysurprise. A suddenrushfromthestairway, A sudden raid fromthe hall! Bythreedoorsleftunguarded Theyentermycastlewall! Theyclimb up intomyturret O'erthearms and back of mychair; If I try to escape, theysurround me; Theyseemto be everywhere. Theyalmostdevour me withkisses, Theirarmsabout me entwine, Till I think of theBishop of Bingen In his Mouse-Tower ontheRhine! Betweenthedark and thedaylight, Whenthenightisbeginningtolower, Comes a pause in theday'soccupations, Thatisknown as theChildren'sHour. I hear in thechamberaboveme Thepatter of littlefeet, Thesound of a doorthatisopened, And voicessoft and sweet. Frommystudy I see in thelamplight, escendingthebroad hall stair, Alice, and laughingAllegra,AndEdith withgoldenhair. Do youthink, O blue-eyedbanditti, Becauseyouhavescaledthewall, Suchanoldmustache as I am Isnot a match foryouall! I haveyoufast in myfortress, And willnotletyoudepart, Butputyoudownintothedungeon In the round-tower of myheart. And therewill I keepyouforever, wallsshallcrumbleto ruin, And moulder in dustaway!

  4. Be liketheBird Be likethebird, whoPausingin hisflightOnlimbtooslightFeelsitgivewaybeneathhimYetsingsKnowinghe has wings.

  5. Anakylosaurus ClankityClankityClankityClank!Ankylosauruswasbuiltlike a tank,itshidewas a fortress as sturdy as steel,ittended to be aninediblemeal. Itwasarmored in front, itwasarmoredbehind,therewasn't a thingonitsminisculemind,itwaddledaboutonitsfourstubbylegs,nibblingonplantswith a mouthful of pegs. Ankylosauruswasbestleftalone, itstailwas a cudgel of gristle and bone, ClankityClankityClankityClank! Ankylosauruswasbuiltlike a tank.

  6. Who has Seenthewind? Who has seenthewind? Neither I noryou: Butwhentheleaveshangtrembling, Thewindispassingthrough. Who has seenthewind? NeitheryounorIButwhenthetreesbowdowntheirheads,Thewindispassingby.

  7. MyPoemReflection Who has SeentheWind: It has 8 LINES It has Repetition It has Onomatopeya It has Rhyme ItisanOceoct It has ALITERATION It has 2 STANZAS IthasPERSONIFICATION Itis a IDIOM