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  1. POEMS Acrostic poem Cinquain poem Color poem Haiku poem

  2. Acrostic Poem Acrostics are poems that go down and across. The poems don’t have to rhyme, and they can have as many word as you like. Example Following the air Laing in the sky Yeh yeh I can fly

  3. Cinquain poem Cinquain means five in French. A Cinquain is a special kind of five-line poem with a very strict from. Line 1 One word- the subject of the poem This word is a noun. Line 2 Two words describing the title These words are adjective, words that describe the noun. Line 3 Three words expressing action These are verbs that tell what the noun in line one does. Separate the verbs with commas. Line 4 four words expressing a feeling This can be a short phrase or a series of words. Line 5 One word that is another word for the subject This should be a synonym for the subject.

  4. Haiku Poem Haiku is a form of ancient Japanese poetry. The poems are often written about things in nature or seasons. Line 1 5 syllables Line 2 7 syllables Line 3 5 syllables

  5. Color poem Color poems use your imagination and senses to investigate a subject. Line 1 _____(color) is _________________ Line 2 _____(color)is _________________ Line 3 _____(color) is _________________ Line 4_____(color) is __________________ Line 5 _____ (color) smells like _________ Line 6_____(color) tastes like___________ Line7 _____(color) sounds like__________ Line 8_____(color)looks like____________ Line 9______(color)feel like ____________ Line 10______(color)makes me__________ Line 11______(color)is__________________ EXAMPLE Pink is the color of heart. Pink is the beautiful flowers. Pink is my dress. Pink is happy face. Pink smells like fresh oxygen. Pink tastes like cool berry. Pink sounds like really fun. Pink looks like a lovely day. Pink feels like awesome. Pink makes me relax. Pink is my favorite color.

  6. Five Senses Poem Five senses poems use your sense to study or investigate a subject. Line 1. Tell what color an idea looks like you. Line 2. Tell what the emotions or idea tastes like (imagine the taste) Line 3. Tell what the emotions or idea sounds like. Line 4. Tell what emotions or idea smells like. Line 5. Tell what emotions or idea looks like. Line 6. Tell how the emotions or idea makes you feel.