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  1. Poems By: Ashley Kitterman

  2. Ashley Kitterman Ashley Shy, short, energetic, fun Daughter of Kit and Cindy Kitterman Florida family and going on cruises Sad happy and glad My family love and God Happiness love Backstabber’s snakes and bugs France Europe Kitterman

  3. My Self I live on Crow Mountain I have a family of five We hardly ever get along And always fight. I’m 14 years old Me and my friends Love toilet papering Especially Mrs. Hull’s teacher’s house. I’m very loving and caring Particularly to my friends We all have our ups and downs But in the end we are all okay(:

  4. I am I am a nice Christian girl that loves the beach. I wonder if unicorns are real. I hear talking animals. I see flying people. I want to live in Florida. I am a nice Christian girl that loves the beach. I pretend to be a princess I feel the clouds. I touch the air. I worry about all my friends. I cry when people die. I am a nice Christian girl that loves the beach. I understand death is a serious thing. I say God is real.(: I dream about stupid things. I try to make good grades. I hope that the world doesn’t end in 2012. I am a nice Christian girl that loves the beach.

  5. Ashley Ashley It means Friendly, Outgoing, Happy It is the number Twenty-one It is like the morning grass It is the summer beach It is the memory of fun times with my Madison Who taught me honesty and courage When she taught me to be nice My name is Ashley It means love and kindness

  6. SUMMER S Sunniest time of the year U Under the hot summer sun M Me time M My favorite time of the year E Exhausting R Running

  7. Summer Summer Is.. Hot and exhausting Summer is.. The best time of the year Summer is.. The time for swimming Summer is.. Sunny Summer is.. The time for the beach(:

  8. Tell-Tale Heart T There is a crazy man. E Especially when he is not thinking L Looks like he doesn’t care L Left to be uncontrollable - T Then he murders a guy for his eye A After that he cuts him to pieces L Like he was nothing E Except after that he put him under the floor - H However the police came E Exactly right after he murdered him A And he was really guilty R Right before they left he confessed T That’s how it all ended(:

  9. Mexico Blue water Hot white sand Mexican people talking in languages I don’t know Crashing waves; whoosh Fresh air is windy and fresh Salty water mixed with sunscreen Mexican food Nasty salt water Hot sand as hot as the sun Cracked seashells like smashed chips Relaxed Relaxed