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  1. Poems Just to read

  2. Out Of The Blue • Misty place where i gotBut I continued walking alone,with boldness and strength within.,Fear,,scared,,traumaand lonelinessEnveloped me so much;I struggled with my two barefoot,On the Mud-rocky-sticky path walk. • Destination couldn’t search with my naked eyes,So cold lonely-teary place.I heard far away voices, houting,, enjoying,I follow that voices but my body resists-Resists in a sense of having weaker side.Pulled me so much to stayed and faced,Things that entangled my being. • Only my senses were my hope for,To escape from the cloudy-misty-muddy place.In the middle of my walk, I saw a sun strugglingTo gave me sunlight on my path.I followed that light from heaven, that was the sourceTo give me a bliss, in spite of little focus.Heart’s shouting within for the light. • Light..Light..Light.. where are you?I was pale in me. I was weak.Splashed every water from the mud, seems to get purpose;Little things irritates within.Suddenly out of the blue, Rain comes.Every water drops on my muddy skin, helpsMy mind comes clearer. • Surroundings made clear, Trees become greener,Path walk filled with footsteps that carries me so delight.Voices hear so uncomplicated.Visible terminus occurs.Pale turned into Brown;Weak turned into Strength.The misty place turns out winsome niche

  3. Friends • You can have all the money needed to reach the sky,but still a friend you cannot buy.Friendship is a wealth shown in thought and expressions,friends help you out of your deepest depressions.Don’t ever use or neglect them and you’ll have them forever,they’ll always be there through rough and smooth weather.So go and you’ll soon see how many you can meet,like the ones I’ve got, make me feel like the worlds at my feet.To make my simplicity in the simplest form,Just be yourself gentle and warm.

  4. Staying Strong • Gonna start running,Not going to look back.Gonna show the world my strength,Gonna get my life on back on track. • Never giving up,Never giving the pain in my heart,or the cuts deep within. • Staying strong,even though it stings.And though unstable,I’m still able,To make a new beginning.

  5. Life • I know that people don’t understand what you’re going throughBut I can, cause let me tell you that I’ve been there tooEvery time you wake up in the morning, and wish that you didn’tEvery time you go to sleep at night wishing that you’d die in itDamn, the pressure that they give to you to hold on your shouldersI know it’s hard, and will only get worse as you get olderBut don’t waste your time trying to figure a way outta this messCause that’s what life is, unfair, hard, and full of stressAnd I know that what you want is to no longer liveBut listen child, you’ve got a long way to go, and so much to giveForget the people that hurt you, put all that bullshit behindStep up, be grown, and control what’s going on in your mindCause as I told you, there is no way outta this messSo might as well sit down, take it in, and consider yourself blessed

  6. As little as nothing • Nothing is everything.when you say your doing nothing you are always doing something.If you are standing in your kitchen talking on your phoneand somebody asks you what you are doing, and you say nothing.You are lying, your always doing something,for instance, standing, breathing, living, talking, seeing, hearing, stepping, being yourself.

  7. Saying Sorry… • I expected too much…From someone who always gave very little.Then when i realized what i lost…All i could think about was what i was going to half to do to get it back and what it would cost…And if what i was willing to give was even enough, to say I’m sorry i messed up.I make mistakes all the time, but for some reason this one is always on my mind.If only i could tell you how i feel…How i can’t sleep at night, because i know when i fall asleep you’ll be in my dreams, it’s like torture.You use to be the reason i woke up every morning, now your the reason i never sleep.

  8. Crazy! • Cwazy?I was cwazywonce,,,,deh’ put me in a rwoom.and in datrwoom, der’ was a dot.itownteddat dot: one. one. dwove me cwazy!!!cwazy? I was cwazywonce…