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  1. poems

  2. Contents • The Dragon • Fish • Traffic • Bubbles • Diamante • Limerick • Where Go The Boats • My Kingdom • The Wild Child • The Unlucky Farmer • The Brainless Professor • The Dory • The Short Memory Professor

  3. The Dragon • The fire breather • Scraped sharp claws • Clashed his scales loudly • Showed his fearful teeth

  4. Fish • A colorful horde • Glided skillfully • Soared on ocean currents • Made shadows on the sea floor

  5. Traffic • Scampering vehicles • Droned past • Rushed along the road • Noisily changed gears

  6. Bubbles • Intersecting planets • Glittered in the sunlight • Revolved with speed • Splattered into fragments

  7. Diamante Like Love Adore Welcoming Appreciating Enjoying War, Cruel, Harmony, Empathy Loathing Killing Fighting Furious Destruction Hatred

  8. Where Go the Boats?by Robert Louis Stevenson • Dark brown is the river,        Golden is the sand. It flows along for ever,        With trees on either hand. Green leaves a-floating,        Castles of the foam, Boats of mine a-boating--        Where will all come home? On goes the river        And out past the mill, Away down the valley,        Away down the hill. Away down the river,        A hundred miles or more, Other little children        Shall bring my boats ashore

  9. My Kingdom by Robert Louis Stevenson • Down by a shining water well I found a very little dell, No higher than my head. The heather and the gorse about In summer bloom were coming out, Some yellow and some red. • I called the little pool a sea; The little hills were big to me; For I am very small. I made a boat, I made a town, I searched the caverns up and down, And named them one and all. And all about was mine, I said, The little sparrows overhead, The little minnows too. This was the world and I was king; For me the bees came by to sing, For me the swallows flew. I played there were no deeper seas, Nor any wider plains than these, Nor other kings than me. At last I heard my mother call Out from the house at evenfall, To call me home to tea. And I must rise and leave my dell, And leave my dimpled water well, And leave my heather blooms. Alas! and as my home I neared, How very big my nurse appeared. How great and cool the rooms!

  10. The Man From Dover • There was once a man from Dover, • Who caught a bus to Clover, • He got stung by a bee, • In the knee, • In seconds his life was over,

  11. The Wild Child There was a naughty child, He acted extremely wild, The people he punched, Their books he scrunched, The teacher had him restyled,

  12. The Unlucky Farmer • There was a farmer who had cattle, • He had to move them to Seattle, • All the cows mooed, • They all pooed, • He had a really dirty battle,

  13. The Brainless Professor • There was a brainless professor, • He never was named a successor, • He went to the gym, • And broke his limb, • He was taken away on a stretchor,

  14. The Dory • The sea carried a shell with care, • A feather swooped and swirled in the air, • A wave about a hundred miles away, • Swept the dory across the bay, • The dory made it’s final stand, • But alas it never reached the land,

  15. The Short Memory Professor • There was a short memory professor, • Who was smarter than his predecessors, • He got bitten by a flea, • And lost his memory, • He is now a computer processor,