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  1. Poems By: Kristen Chan

  2. Follow your dreams Follow your dreams Take one step at a time. Don’t settle for less Just continue to climb.

  3. Follow your dreams And if you trip up Don’t lose sight of your goal You’ll soon fill your cup.

  4. Follow your dreams Press on to the top. We know we’ll make it So, we can’t just give up.

  5. Follow your dreams See the whole view See what we have done And what we can do.

  6. Follow your dreams See what life means. Never stop trying And follow your dreams.

  7. The Mermaid Something mysterious beneath the waves A legend that has been proved true She never sleeps, she never lays In the ocean green and blue.

  8. A sailor searches, for it's his duty He hears a sound, but so far away. Wanting to see the creature's beauty He rowed his boat up to the sandy bay.

  9. On the rock, he saw her hair And her graceful tail so long. He couldn't help, but just to stare And listen to her mesmerizing song.

  10. She turned around and then she smiled Her scales and eyes were blue. Her spirit was so free and wild And that made the moment true.

  11. We are a river We are a river Flowing, racing, and never stopping. Showing our love and never hiding Everlasting, never dying.

  12. We are a river Our freedom is up to a 100 percent. Running to our hearts content And stopping is what we always prevent.

  13. We are a river Feeling all happy and excited. We never leave each other unsighted Together and Forever united.

  14. Ghost hands Every day she looked through the foggy, glass window Eyes wide with wonder and small baby hands Pressed on the cool surface gently Imprints of her nose and fingers stayed Long after her mom dragged her away...

  15. Seasons changed, one melting into the other And still she looked through the window Even as her little feet became big ones Baby hands turned to adult hands She still left foggy marks on the window..

  16. As her life went on and she went to school Gained a happily ever after Had two adorable bundles of joy She still could not stay away from that window and looked out at her past..

  17. One day, when that little girl Became an elderly woman A grandchild crawled up on her unsteady legs And she held her near the window Memories and laughter started flooding back..

  18. And the very day that she passed away Her grandchild held her son to the window Pressed on the cool surface gently Imprints of his nose and fingers On that very same spot, against ghost hands..