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  1. Adjectives Define: An adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun. N N good sandwich brownbear N checkered tablecloth

  2. Adj. Adj. loud, crashing waves

  3. Adjectives could be words that describe: a colorblue jeans a numberseven cows an expressionjoyful smile a thoughthopeful future

  4. round soft pretty peachy

  5. The black piano was played during the short concert last night.

  6. The round, yellow moon brightly rose in the night sky.

  7. Steven tried hard to send a meaningful e-mail to his loving grandma to thank her for the cool computer.

  8. Hey, Mac! Be a sport and fetch my glasses. I sorta dropped them down below. Early in the morning the exhausted hikers quietly rested on a steep side of the mountain. It is so peaceful up here.

  9. Colorful leaves are most often seen in the sunny days of autumn.

  10. I shouldn’t have eaten 7 hot doooogs! Karen screamed loudly on the rickety, old coaster and bravely raised her arms to feel the fierce wind.

  11. The roaring waves crashed in the deep blue ocean.

  12. Sweet, refreshing lemonade was a delicious treat during the hot summer. I wonder if I’ll get paid for doing nothing.

  13. You are now entering a new dimension. A time and place where everything is still and lifeless. Trapped. In a world that used to be full of color and style with adjectives, you find yourself in . . . The Boring Zone. We painted a wall..

  14. Meet Sam. A man whose life has no meaning. A man who is trapped in a world with no creativity. A man . . . with no adjectives.

  15. He was upset at this boring world he found himself. He heard voices laughing at his misfortunes.

  16. I will plant adjective seeds and grow all of the creativity I want to. Then, an idea popped in his head that would solve his problem.

  17. blue green purple red adj. adj. adj. adj. Sam ran around throwing adjective seeds all over. No longer will he live in a boring world. He will use the adjectives to add spice and excitement to everyone. Four adjectives grew right out of the ground. Sam found his answer. Because of these adjectives, the boring life he was in will be filled with life and creativity! Then . . . Sam planted four seeds and waited . . .and waited.

  18. Sam changed his boring sentence into a life-filled bundle of joyous words! We paintedaspectacular, glossy, huge, flowered, tall, sturdy, bumpy, old, stained, dry, crustywallred.

  19. The End

  20. You know how to identify a noun. Look for any word or words that describe that noun. new car New tells what kind of car. New specifically tells the condition of the car. yellow car Yellow tells what kind of car. Yellow specifically tells the color of the car. antique car Antique tells what kind of car. Antique specifically tells the type of car. compact car Compact tells what kind of car. Compact specifically tells the size of the car.

  21. Sometimes more than 1 adjective will precede a noun. The large, round earth hung majestically in the black, night sky.

  22. An adjective may occur afterthe verb and go back to describe the subject. N V The baby is cute. N V The balloons are colorful.

  23. tired Cute white soft Chubby toothless